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But what about Denmark? The road network in Denmark can not be compared to the American freeways at all. Even I would be able to find my way from town to town, cause there are usually not so many possibilities. We do not have giant cities, copenhagen is the largest and i admit that, it can be big enough! Especially to jutlanders as my self But in the public transportation network in Denmark is very adequate. No matter where in the country, or in the cities for that matter, you are going, you will be able to find a bus or a train to exactly that place.

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One big question for countries all over the business rest of the world are: Will this kind of technology match our needs too? Are we able to use this in action. It sounds great, but will it give enough advantages compared to the price, and compared to other possibilities of solving our traffical problems. This question will of course also arise in Denmark. And what can this technology offer to improve in our traffical situation. In America and Japan it is made to take care of: Problems which appear when people have to find their way. Traffic jams, by leading the cars on alternative routes Problems which appear in connection with accidents The three problems are very big in these large countries. In the big cities with a population of several millions, it s very easy to get lost, also if you have lived there for a long time. The city itself and the complicated network of roads changes all the time, new buildings sprout up every day. The system who can keep up with this development, is clearly an advantage.

The maps are delivered on four laserdiscs, each showing a part of Japan. All road maps are in colours, and they do not only show the network of roads. Restaurants and hotels are plot writing in as well. A small shining dot shows the cars position on the map. Answer C: Essay, smart-car Technology In Denmark. The smart-car system is developed in usa and Japan. The system makes it almost impossible to get lost, when you are travelling by car.

smart essay

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The computer always knows where you are, and the universities navigation system makes it impossible to get lost in the traffic, unless you really want to, and deliberately make the wrong turns. It also guides you past traffic jams and problems who might crop up around an accident. In a town where you have never been, you will quickly be able to find your way to hotels, restaurants, sports arenas, shops and much more, just by looking through the various menus of the Travtek. D: The umum text definitely prefers the accuracy of the computer to the insecurity and misunderstandings who occur between two persons. The passage from line 54 and down clearly shows the point of view " a guy on the gas station who, asked for directions, drawls: bee line Expressway? I think you go up here about four miles and take a right, or maybe a left" The guy at the gas station are described as the incompetent fool who actually have no idea where he is himself and his guidelines, insecure as they are. Based on the position of satellites, the position of the car is calculated by a small computer in the receiver. The receiving set in the car is attached to a screen on the dashboard. The screen can show a map of the entire japan.

Smart Car Technology, answer A : The Travtek navigationsystem is installed in 100 Oldsmobile toronados, the visual part of the system is a computer monitor. Through detailed colour maps, it leads the driver through the town. The map changes all the time, cause a computer connected to a navigation-satellite, and with a magnetic compass installed, calculates the fastest or easiest way to your destination. When yellow circles appear in a particular place on the screen, it means that there is traffic jam here, or there has been an accident on the spot. The computer receives this information from the Traffic Management Centre, and it quickly points an alternative route out. B: The driver interact with the system through the so called touch screen. 7000 buisnesses in the area are already listed in the computer, and you can point out your destination by searching through a lot of menus until you find it, or simply by typing the name of the street. When the place you want to go are registered you push the make destination button, and the computer programmes a route, the second after the route appears on the screen, while a voice explains it to you through the loudspeaker. C: The Travtek guides the driver through the traffic.

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smart essay

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The corporation will certainly particular target providing quite a lot of cars which can be known as standard, colouring and types power usage, motor capacity concerning other properties (Echambadi, 2006). Subsequently, the cardstock examines different marketing strategies which a new enterprise can apply to market its passenger cars. Because the challengers in the vehicle area accelerates additionally, the end-user inclinations and tastes shift, leaders really should follow far better processes to market place their motors. The radio mumbai stations is certainly one style of business which they can use from a assigned van service. This signifies that this company could have its advertising aired through assorted stations. It usually is known that with the expansion of technique, car radio can become seen live on the internet over the internet.

I am aware college students who will spend money on works web based are cheated — i employeed to come up with them educational background. It can be a average which has been seen to grow immensely nowadays. Something like 93 this us population conforms on to the car radio stations (Dobrev, 2014). Accordingly, we have a higher than average possibility that more paying customers might be informed associated with the new automobiles your new clients are charging money for, mostly by means of television marketing. Smart Car Technology Essay, research Paper.

These are examples of grounds that back up Brimelows major claim that smoking is good for ones health. Thank you for Not Smoking, one of the main reasons Brimelow insists that smoking can be good for one is the fact that it can be beneficial to ones health. Every person is concerned with their health and they want to do the best things possible to preserve their health as long as possible. Therefore, if smoking helps preserve our health, everyone should be smoking. But why is there so much talk of the negative effects of smoking? According to the health Tobacco report, eighty percent of smokers die of lung cancer.

Also, twenty-five percent of heart attacks are caused from smoking. In addition, the death rate of smoking females on birth control is three times higher than that of non-smoking females. There are 487,000 smoking related deaths each year. This number is higher than deaths related to drugs, alcohol, murder, and fires combined. Other reports done state alarming statistics such as one in every three americans die from. To be a director to a new agency that is to offer for sale new motor vehicles sold in the market, there are many marketing strategies your staff could perhaps implement. So they can connect the newest merchandise thus to their potential customers, this is exactly.

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Recently our foundations were shaken when we read an article by summary peter Brimelow that presented smoking as beneficial and a preventative tool against certain diseases and cancers. Was our education about smoking just a myth programmed into our heads? According to Brimelow it was. Brimelow provides clear and evident research and statistics supporting the fact that smoking is healthy. Show more content, he includes the results of British researcher. Warburton, whose studies show that smoking stimulates alertness, dexterity, and cognitive capacity for the smoker. Alertness and dexterity can be useful when trying to stay awake while driving for example. It is also stated that by smoking one can either be stimulated essay or calmed depending on how the cigarette is smoked (Brimelow 141).

smart essay

It can find if youre eating healthy or non. We will Write a custom Essay sample. Any topic specifically, for you, for Only.90/page order now. Be smart, dont start. We can vividly recall the endless television commercials from reporters and speeches we received from teachers that informed time us of the side affects of smoking. As young boys, neither one of us quite understood what was so bad about smoking. We just knew it was frowned upon, and it was strictly discouraged by our parents.

engineering such as autos. Since the system can foretell jobs before or during it happens and instantly supply solutions to them without confer withing the user. It can be extremely good in mundane human life. A auto utilizing the smart system can observe if it is about to knock to another auto and hit the brakes automatically. It can besides observe a virus. Happen the appropriate plan to extinguish the virus. And isolate or extinguish them.

Smart engineering maps like a human encephalon would. It is fundamentally universities a system that can observe failure of future difficult disc thrusts. The smart system monitors the thrust for anything that might look out of the ordinary. And analyzes the information. If it detects a job. It is capable of advising the user ( or system decision maker ). Smart proctors disk public presentation. Distance between the caputs and the disc platters.

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Thesis statement, we will Write a custom Essay sample. Any topic specifically, for letter you, for Only.90/page order now, smart engineering devices can assist better the over-all wellness. And convenience of human life. It has been believed that computing machines can neer equal the human encephalon. But with the development of smart ( Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology ) engineering devices. A system that maps like the human nervous system. It is going more possible. The intent of this paper is to give a sufficient survey about the possible find. And usefulness of smart engineering to human existences.

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An organization's value statement can set the tone for how employees and managers behave, both within the organization and outside. Nursing home volunteering essay on why hamlet is the internet has proved me more about spring season, 2016.

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