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sales advisor resume

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General support can be added later on once we define all views. Dbms_eck_read_privs(owner_name in varchar2 exec dbms_eck_read_privs uwclass exec dbms_eck_read_privs uwclasz exec dbms_eck_read_privs Invalid Value note: This procedure is broken in 10g and reportedly was going to be fixed in 11g. Copy_sqlwkld_TO_sts (new in 11g) Copies workload object data into a user-specified sts. No filters are supported. Dbms_py_sqlwkld_to_sts( workload_name in varchar2, sts_name  in varchar2, import_mode  in varchar2 : 'new tbd create_file creates an external file from a pl/sql clob variable and writes to the file dbms_eate_file( buffer  in clob, location in varchar2,  - oracle directory Object Name filename in varchar2 - name. Put_line(obj_id end; / conn / as sysdba grant advisor to sh; conn sh/sh declare task_id  number; task_name varchar2(30) : 'uw task obj_id  number; begin task_id, task_name dbms_eate_object (task_name, 'sql null, null, null, 'select * from les obj_id dbms_output. Put_line(obj_id end; / select type, task_name from user_advisor_objects; exec dbms_advisor. Execute_task uw task exec dbms_lete_task uw task conn / as sysdba revoke advisor from sh; overload 2 dbms_eate_object( task_name  IN  varchar2, object_type in  varchar2, attr1  IN  varchar2 : null, attr2  IN  varchar2 : null, attr3  IN  varchar2 : null, attr4  IN  clob  : null, attr5 .

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Use true to enable auto run Licensing and Usage select advisor_name, num_execs from dba_advisor_usage; Recommendations partition base table create drop retain materialized view create alter retain materialized view log create drop retain index gather stats task templates dbms_advisor. Sqlaccess_oltp preset parameters for an oltp application. Preset parameters for a data warehouse application. Sqlaccess_general preset parameters for a hybrid application This is the default. Security model Execute is granted to public add_sqlwkld_ref (new 11g parameter) Adds a workload reference to an advisor task dbms_d_sqlwkld_ref( task_name in varchar2, workload_name in varchar2 is_sts in number : 0 see demo add_sqlwkld_statement adds a single statement to the specified workload dbms_d_sqlwkld_statement( workload_name . An sts object must have an owner. The owner can be null, in which case the owner is assumed to be the session_user. Dbms_d_sts_ref( task_name in varchar2, sts_owner in varchar2, workload_name in varchar2 The following two calls are equivalent: add_sqlwkld_ref(task_name, workload_name, 1 add_sts_ref(task_name, null, workload_name tbd cancel_task cancels a currently Executing Task. All intermediate and result data are removed from the task. Dbms_ncel_task(task_name in varchar2 see demo check_privs checks for required advisor privileges dbms_eck_privs; exec dbms_eck_privs ; check_read_privs checks whether the current user has read privileges for another user's tasks. This is typically used only by dbas to access other users's data, hence we query the dba views forwarding for now.

A sql string is not scanned for correctness. During workload collection, if a sql statement contains a string in the sql string list, it will not be processed by the operation. Possible values are: single string comma-delimited string list advisor_unused (default) invalid_table_list tablelist invalid_username_list stringlist journaling number module_list stringlist order_list string report_date_format? Deprecated sql_limit number start_time string username_list stringlist valid_action_list stringlist valid_module_list stringlist valid_sqlstring_list stringlist valid_table_list tablelist valid_username_list stringlist contains a fully qualified list of usernames that are eligible when populating a sql workload object. The list of elements is comma-delimited:"d names are supported. During workload collection, if a sql statement's vietnamese username does not match a name in the username list, it will not be processed. A username is not case sensitive unless it is"d. Possible values are: single username comma-delimited username list advisor_unused (default) init Parameters _addm_auto_enable.

sales advisor resume

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During workload collection, if a sql statement's action matches a name in the action list, it will not be processed by the operation. An essay action name is case sensitive. Possible values are: single action comma-delimited action list advisor_unused invalid_module_list stringlist contains a fully qualified list of application modules that are not eligible when populating a sql workload object. The list elements are comma-delimited, and"d names are supported. A module string is not scanned for correctness. During workload collection, if a sql statement's module matches a name in the list, it will not be processed by the operation. Module names are case sensitive. Possible values are: single application comma-delimited module list advisor_unused (default) invalid_sql stringlist contains a fully qualified comma-delimited list of text strings that are not eligible when populating a sql workload object.

The benefit column gives the benefit to the system you can expect after the recommendation is carried out. Dba_advisor_tasks Basic information about existing tasks, such as the task Id, task name, and when created Exceptions ora-13699 : Advisor feature is not currently implemented Generic Advisor Parameters For the full list of values run the sql statement below set linesize 121 col value format. The value is relative to the last modification date. Once the data expires, it will become a candidate for removal by an automatic purge operation. Possible values are: an integer in the range of 0 to (def. 30) advisor_unlimited advisor_unused end_time string specifies an end time for selecting sql statements. If the statement did not execute on or before the specified time, it will not be processed. Each date must be in the standard Oracle form of mm-dd-yyy hh24:MI:ss, where: dd is the numeric date mm is the numeric month yyyy is the numeric year hh is the hour in 24 hour format mi is the minute ss is the second invalid_action_list. An action string is not scanned for correctness.

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sales advisor resume

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Email: Resume: Browse Upload Resume file Privacy Protected. General Information, source, first available.1, constants, name. Data type, value, advisor Names, adv_name_addm, varchar2(30) 'addm'. Adv_name_default, varchar2(30) 'default Advisor adv_name_segment, varchar2(30) 'segment Advisor adv_name_sqlaccess. Varchar2(30) 'sql access Advisor adv_name_sqlpa, varchar2(30) 'sql performance Analyzer adv_name_sqlrepair. Varchar2(30) 'sql repair Advisor adv_name_sqltune, varchar2(30) 'sql tuning Advisor adv_name_sqlwm.

Varchar2(30) 'sql workload Manager adv_name_tunemv, varchar2(30) 'tune mview adv_name_undo. Varchar2(30) 'Undo Advisor adv_ID_default, number 0, adv_ID_addm, number 1, adv_ID_sqlaccess. Number 2, adv_ID_undo, number 3 adv_ID_sqltune number 4 adv_ID_segment number 5 adv_ID_sqlwm number 6 adv_ID_tunemv number 7 adv_ID_sqlpa number 8 adv_ID_sqlrepair number 9 Common Constants advisor_all number -995 advisor_current number -996 advisor_default number -997 advisor_unlimited number -998 advisor_unused number -999 sql access Advisor Constants sqlaccess_advisor. Only used for advisor that support multi-execution. Type argList is table of luetype; - identical to dbms_rchar2S and is redefined here due to - bootstrapping problems type varchar2adv is table of varchar2(256) index by binary_integer; Dependencies select name from and dba_dependencies where referenced_name 'dbms_advisor' union select referenced_name from dba_dependencies where name 'dbms_advisor dba_advisor_findings. The recommendations should be looked at in the order of the rank column, as this relays the magnitude of the problem for the recommendation.

Assisted and advised shoppers on purchases. Scheduled and organized personal shopping appointments. Created personalized shopping experiences for customers such as advising them on popular trends and product information. Provided statistical customer purchase data to management to assist in identifying key sales information. Candidate Info 9 Personal Shopper Interpret and articulate latest fashion and product trends to customers and the sales team Fostered customer relationships by providing superior service to ensure repeat business Embodied an entrepreneurial spirit by driving sales and exceeding monthly sales goals by 156 Affirmed. Helped to pilot the first company name personal beauty Advisor program in 2009.

Developed relationships with all brand respresentatives and maintained all marketing expectations. Candidate Info view more resume samples upload your Resume for a free critique get personalized feedback on improving your resume to land more interviews. See how you resume performs in automated scanners most employers use. Delivered in 48 hours In partnership with Well done! Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation soon.

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Personal shopper, provided advance knowledge, detailed demonstrations, and sensible advisory on infant products. Handled phone orders on furniture sales and vendor orders high in volume. Created and managed gift registries, prepared gift packages with decorative wrapping and intricate detail for baby showers or social events. Assembled furniture and strollers upon request. Candidate Info 6, customer Service representative/ Personal Shopper Met and greeted customers on a one and one basis or via telephone for this small private boutique handled incoming and outgoing calls, drinking sorted and distributed mail, scheduled appointments for in store visits Communicated with vendors daily. Initiated client orders and facilitated proper tracking capabilities using web-based operating system. Performed accurate annual inventory evaluation and audited inventory results. Collaborated with managers and associates to diffuse escalated customer situations. Candidate Info 8 Customer Service representative and Personal Shopper Processed customer phone and fax orders.

sales advisor resume

Responsible for clothing selections for clients in the fitting area and maintained security and cleanliness. Implemented loss prevention tactics that insured that the company's interest was foremost during the sales day. Candidate Info 4, sales Professional/personal Shopper, provided a fun shopping resume experience to personal clients with suggested high-end top designer fashions. Corresponded with personal clients through phone calls and emails, scheduling fitting appointments while introducing new products for presale. Exceeded sales goals daily by accessing all avenues of product, including the use of Web Locator to obtain client's specific requests. Responsible for ensuring all transactions were properly completed and secured for nightly deposit. Candidate Info 5,.

collaborations, company exclusive merchandise, trunk shows, and sale events. Continually exceeded monthly sales goals. Developed a loyal client base; cultivated customer relationships by maintaining an organized client book. Ensured satisfaction of clientele through detailed product knowledge. Candidate Info 3, personal Shopper, increased personal sales goal by fourteen percent. Generated Highest upt for several consecutive weeks. Actively increased personal clientele list by making creative choices and listening to each client. Provided superior customer service, answered questions and resolved customer complaints. Managed merchandise and stock with meticulous record keeping and organization.

Personal Shopper cover Letter. 1, sales Associate/personal Shopper, engaged with a large number of elite customers looking to purchase high-end, special occasion outfits. Created value by building a strong returning customer base, which resulted in a promotion to the position of personal shopper. Took time to ensure that each purchase was tailored to the customer's beauty needs. Collaborated with managers to design new and innovative floor plans, which attracted more customers and higher sales. Assisted in event planning on behalf on the department, which increased awareness of our brand. Developed lasting and meaningful relationships with team members and management. Candidate Info 2, men and Women's rtw specialist/personal Shopper.

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Before you begin: be sure to plug in and turn on any moliere usb devices or other devices, such as printers, external hard disks, and scanners, that you regularly use with the pc you're checking. The windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your pc for potential compatibility issues and lets you know about your Windows 7 upgrade options. Within minutes, you'll get a report that tells you if your pc meets the system requirements, if any known compatibility issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs are found, and gives guidance on what to do to before installing Windows 7 on your. Personal Shoppers provide assistance to customers and perform duties such as recommending products, taking orders through telephone or live chat, solving customer inquiries, tracking shipments, processing financial adjustments, developing a trusting relationship with customers, looking for products online, and asking for feedback and product reviews. Those seeking to work as Personal Shoppers should mention in their resumes qualifications like customer service orientation, the ability to sell, courtesy, research skills, commercial awareness, and self-motivation. No formal education is mandatory for this role, and Personal Shopper resumes show various educational backgrounds such as marketing or retail. For more information on what it takes to be a personal Shopper, check out our complete. Personal Shopper Job Description. Looking for cover letter ideas?

Sales advisor resume
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