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posh handwriting alphabet

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lynn, denver, co usa. Regarding shaking with the left hand, i am both a lefty and in the guides. Guides and Scouts around the world shake left handed, which is perfectly natural. Unfortunately it makes things even harder when I have to shake hands in a non-guiding situation, i am even less likely to remember to offer my right hand. This has meant that in professional situations, i've found out that quite senior people were Scouts or guides and/or left handed and ended up leaving my boss totally out of the conversation as we then talk about handedness or Scouting. Everything at my workstation in my job flows right to left! It drives my co-workers crazy when they come looking for something at my area.

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Here's the trouble — salutes are done with the right hand save and thus, the right arm must be free at all times. It's even in writing the regulations that purses, umbrellas, briefcases, etc., should all be carried on the left. I had trouble with that for the entire time i was in the air Force. I tended to just carry my purses in my left hand (even the shoulder bags as they would never stay on the shoulder. My next comment concerns the preference for sitting on the left side of theaters. I don't feel uncomfortable if I have to sit on the right side, but I do tend to automatically go to the left when entering a theater. This turns out to be an advantage. Studies have shown that the large majority of the population goes to the right when a choice is presented (like going into a theater or choosing from two lines for an amusement park ride) — probably due to handedness. An authority on Disney world has even put into his book about the park that you'll spend much less time standing in line if you veer to the left when presented with two lines for the ride! So, go with your quirk and veer to the left — it will almost assuredly be quicker/shorter/less-crowded over there!

I constantly have problems with handshakes, belts, crossing someone's path (am I supposed to go to the right of them or to the left?) and of course the kissing! i also appreciated the people who visualize things in the opposite way. I recently graduated from law school and I was once told by a professor that although I reached the right conclusion I came at the problem with backward thinking logic. i also organized all of my notebooks in school so that they opened backwards; my classmates never wanted to borrow notes! I also have problems with outside water faucets — i always try to turn it left to turn it off. And when I read magazines i always flip through them back to front. The quirk i had trouble with wouldn't have been noticed if I hadn't been in the military (us air Force). As a lefty, i'm more comfortable carrying my purse on my right shoulder, resume leaving my left arm free. In fact, i find it almost impossible to keep a shoulder bag on my left shoulder when I try.

posh handwriting alphabet

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Kitchen activities were also done my way. My kids are now in their 20's and my daughter commented that she does many activities like a lefty because she learned from. She says it's my fault she's all messed up but I just tell moliere her I did her a favour because she's skilled with both hands! Anything we leftie's teach our kids or spouses will be noticed by other right-handed people! I have recently realised that one reason I have difficulty with the new chip and pin system is that I put my card in the wrong way round the automatic way for me as a left-handed person but not for the machine created by and. Is this something lots of you have already discovered?! I just wanted to say i felt so much better after reading all the things we left handers have in common.

When she got them on and was trying to use the belt, she was having trouble getting it undone so she could. She made the comment you and your left handedness. I had not realized she was having trouble with doing the belt until she said that and i asked what she meant. Evidently, i had my belt backwards. I have to wonder how many other leftisms there are that we (lefties) are unaware of? It seems my right-handed husband and four kids have all learned from me! My husband learned to change and dress our four children the left-handed way since i had the baby's rooms set up for my convenience.

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posh handwriting alphabet

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I've always been meticulous about sorting things alphabetically, and i used to do that with my records, too. Somehow, though, my friends would consider my shelf order strange, since presentation i put all artists whose name/group name began with an a, at the right-hand side of the shelf, which was totally natural. Couldn't get it what was so strange about that, until recently when I came to think of the fact that it must have been a lefty instinct, to do it the right way round! Among a million of things I just can't do in this right-handed world, here's one that made me really ask to it just me? I am just not able to uncork a bottle of wine, simply 'cause i unscrew in the wrong direction. The cork opener never makes it into the cork, no matter how hard I try to push it! My husband makes fun of me, saying that i always use my left-handedness as an excuse just because i'm not able to do stuff.

Will they ever understand? When taking hanging files (where the papers are laid sideways) out of filing cabinets and opening them up, the papers are always upside down adele for me when a right-hander has been doing the filing. I know now that I mustn't slip new papers into hanging files without first checking the direction of the other pages which are always upside down to my way of thinking! Luckily, i have a personal filing cabinet, where only i file the papers, so every file opens with documents the correct way up for me! Myself and one of my best friends were trying on clothes and she wanted to try on the shorts I was wearing-with a belt.

It just takes a little bit longer and I consider the new things I see along the way a learning t Sale, ontario, canada. When going to a cinema or theatre i am always drawn like a magnet to the left hand side to find a seat. If I have to sit on the right hand side i don't feel comfortable all night and just sit there thinking how much better I would enjoy the film etc if I was on the left. Is this common with other people? I put on a belt backwards, as in using my left hand and inserting it in the right side. Most of the time its hard to notice a difference, but there's belts out there, like ones with buckles that end up being upside down.

I know it's not just me because two other left-handers i know do the exact same thing, so i was wondering how many other left-handers do this as well? I just bought this new belt with a designer buckle. I started putting the belt through the straps in my jeans as usual, but when I wanted to close the buckle, i discovered that the buckle logo was upside down. How weird, i said to myself, and then it dawned on me: this belt was designed for righties! Somehow i, as a lefty, have an innate impulse to thread a buckle through my jeans straps beginning at the opposite side from that of a rh! (my old belt didn't cause me any trouble of this sort, since it didn't matter in what way you turned the buckle). Before the time of the cds, when one still had lp records, i used to have mine on a shelf beneath my record player.

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I write the figure 1 down, next line i double it-2, then again-4, then again and again on each line. I am up to about 40 figures in my answer at present. What is unusual is that I begin at the left-hand edge and quickly double all the figures across to the right side. I sometimes check the answer by doing it the normal right to left, but I find my way much quicker. Everyone that has seen me do it is amazed. I don't know what the odds are, but I'd love to know how many left handed people are table also directionally challenged like me . E., have trouble with north south east and west and distances, and are constantly having to make u-turns when going somewhere. I've had this problem all my life and have often been asked what it feels like to be lost and am I scared when it happens. I just tell them, i don't have a problem with it, i just consider it going on an adventure and i eventually get where i going.

posh handwriting alphabet

I start painting a wall left to right, both the right handers in my family go right to left, and they couldn't figure out why i did it backwards as they called. It wasn't backwards for. They finally figured it out. It was left-handed logic as they call it every time they think i'm doing something the wrong way. Just to let you know I have just been decorating and was papering the room from right to left and find it very difficult to work that way around rather than left to right. We had an email recently from lhc member June in Melbourne, australia that struck a chord with. . She says she is very good at adding up numbers upside down and likes adding up her bill in a cafe upside down faster than the waitress can! June also told us that she has another skill. Recently, under immense stress, i calmed myself by doing something I have done mushroom in the past as a fun exercise, but have no idea when or how I learnt to do it, but everyone thinks it is very strange.

an unusual number of left-handed pilots, particularly the really good ones. We tend to be better more comfortable at turning right, whereas the right-handed pilots are better at turning to the left. I just wonder if anyone out there is like. When I'm out with friends walking I have to be on the left side of the road when walking and on the left of people when I'm talking otherwise i feel uneasy. Receiving change from shop assistant i nearly always find myself struggling to hold it without the coins falling all over the floor. (I'm talking about a combination of notes and coins). I think it's because people naturally hand change as if the person receiving will hold out their right hand but I hold out my left.

It was only recently that I realised why, when I try clothes on in a shop and put them back on the rack, they're always facing the wrong way because, i'm left-handed. I've noticed that even when loading the dishwasher, i start on the right, but my husband, who is right handed, loads on the left first, and folding sheets together is a nightmare, he folds the opposite to me, and if I don't restaurant remember the sheet. One really embarrassing thing I do at dinner parties is drink from the person next to me's glass. I just reach out with my left hand and lift and its not until I see that I'm getting strange looks that I realise what I'm doing. I tell myself I won't do it again then. Also the cheese board! I just dread someone asking me to cut a piece for them because i just can't do it, it usually ends up on the table and I feel stupid. What should be an enjoyable night out is something I dread. When first seated at a dinner party or restaurant table, i always have to wait for the person to my left to take a sip of their drink, or eat their bread roll to make sure i don't take the wrong one by mistake!

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As a result of our question. Left Handed Kissing Confusion, we got loads of responses about other things left-handers find awkward but have never really connected with them being left-handed. Apart from the problem of greeting people with a kiss and getting it wrong, we also received comments on other things that made us it just me or is there more to it? Some of the things that were mentioned were: you can add your own comments or observations at the bottom this page crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement hugging taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table direction of work, decorating/painting rooms being helped to put. Listed below are some of the responses we received from our Club Members when writing we asked. Is it just me? See how many you identify with. The quirk that started it all was social kissing, and you can read a selection of anecdotes about that on our kissing confusion page. Click here to join the left-Handers Club free and receive our newsletters and member discounts offers.

Posh handwriting alphabet
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