Medea analysis essay

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medea analysis essay

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The nurse's fears foreshadow the terrible fate of Medea's children. And yet the slaves are completely powerless to alter the course of events. Passion is an important theme of the play. The nurse reminds us that Medea is here because she followed Jason back to Greece out of love. (For the mythological background of the play, please consult the Short Summary. Without knowledge of the backstory, the medea cannot be properly understood.) Passion and love motivated Medea to help Jason: it is thanks to her and her mastery of arcane arts that he won the golden Fleece.

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Creon, thesis believing that one day is not enough for Medea to do her enemies harm, grants her request. But if she or her children are found in his lands at dawn tomorrow, they will die. Creon and his attendants exit. Analysis: Euripides has the opening of the play delivered by two slaves, a nurse and a tutor. An important feature of his work is allowing slaves to speak, and speak well. The nurse and the tutor provide their perspective on the events in the house they serve. Significantly, both of them condemn Jason. The nurse, after a few brief moments on stage, is already well-defined as a character. She is loyal to the house and to medea, but she fears Medea and her violent heart. There are differences of attitude between the two slaves, and these differences seem to break down along the lines of gender: the nurse seems to be shocked by jason's behavior, while the tutor cynically remarks that everyone looks out for himself. The slaves provide an outsider's eye on the action, and they are canny enough to predict events.

And Medea tells the Chorus that her problem is still worse: retrolisthesis she is a foreigner in Greece, without a family or home, and Jason has treated her like a prize won in a foreign land. Medea secures a promise: if she can find a way to get revenge, she asks the Chorus to vow that they will remain silent. The Chorus does as she asks, telling her she is right to seek revenge. Creon enters, with attendants, and tells Medea that she and her two children are to be banished immediately. When Medea, distraught, asks why, creon admits that he is afraid of her. She is a powerful sorceress, and he fears for his daughter's life. Medea speaks about the hatred all people have for the clever. She begs to be allowed to stay, promising to submit to authority, but Creon will not allow. She continues to beg, pleading to be allowed one more day, so that she can prepare for the journey and decide where.

medea analysis essay

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Medea is heard crying out, speaking regretfully of what she did to her own family to help Jason. The Chorus asks the nurse to bring Medea out, so that they might comfort her. Medea enters, delivering a monologue on her sufferings and vegetarianism the sufferings of woman. Women, though creatures that can think and feel, must endure terrible indignities. Marriage is necessary, and with marriage comes servitude. And though men are free to indulge their appetites and enjoy the company of their friends, women must remain in the house and live for their husbands alone. Men must bear arms, but women must bear children.

The, tutor enters, with the two small children of Jason and Medea. The tutor brings more bad news: he has heard a rumor that Creon intends to drive medea and the children out of Corinth. The nurse is horrified that Jason would allow his family to be treated so; she tells the tutor to bring the children inside, but warns him to keep them away from their mother. We hear Medea's cries coming from the inside of the house; they make the nurse afraid, for Medea is a powerful and dangerous woman. Medea is heard cursing Jason and the children, wishing for the whole house to fall. The nurse muses that the great are not an enviable group. The Chorus enters, speaking to the nurse. They pity medea, but they also seem to think that a woman should learn to endure; Medea is not the first to have an unfaithful husband.

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medea analysis essay

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Our advice essay is that you should not open with macros if your word processor asks you. If you download an essay with virus on please notify us so we can remove. For the mythological background of the play, please consult the Short Summary. Without knowledge best of the backstory, the. Medea cannot be properly understood.

The setting is before the house of Medea and. The, nurse enters, sorrowfully telling the audience what has recently happened to medea. Although Medea has committed crimes on Jason' behalf, he has now left her and taken a new wife. Jason's new wife is the daughter. Creon, king of Corinth (not to be confused with the Creon of the oedipus myth). Medea has been sick with grief since the new development; she turns even from her own children, presumably because they remind her of Jason. The nurse fears what Medea may do, "for her heart is violent" (l.

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medea analysis essay

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Medea analysis essay
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