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essay notes for ias

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This step results in a debit to the cost of goods sold account and a credit to the reserve for obsolete inventory account. Although managers may be tempted to write off obsolete inventory in small increments, gaap clearly requires that writing off obsolete inventory all at once. Two ways to prevent large write-offs are too frequently review inventory for obsolescence and to include an expense reserve for obsolescence in the annual budget and encourage the managers to use. Inventory write-downs should generally be made on an item-by-item basis when using ifrs. Gaap allows for write-downs to be made using categories of items and like ifrs, does allow write-downs to be performed on an item-by-item basis. When certain conditions are met, ifrs allows inventories that were previously written down to market value to be reversed. Conclusion, in studying both ifrs and us gaap i feel ifrs is considered more of a principles based accounting standard than gaap, which is considered more rules based.

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Because of last laborer in, first outs generally lower reported profits, businesses utilizing this valuation of inventory can have a harder time finding investors. Individuals and businesses looking to invest their money are usually looking for companies that show substantial profit growth over a period of time. With last in, first out, profits will rise with apa inflation but they will not reflect the kind of healthy business investors are seeking. Due to the complexities of last in, first out cost layers, accountants can have a difficult time accurately recording costs and expenses. This is especially true of large businesses that have many operations that implement different inventory management techniques. In the end, fifo is the most widely recognized and accepted valuation method for inventory management. Its safer, easier and is more advantageous in the long run that dealing with the confusion and potential profit loss of last in, first out. Finding 3, under ifrs, if inventory is written down, the write down can be reversed in future periods if specific criteria are met. Under gaap, once inventory has been written down, any reversal is prohibited. When a business has inventory that it cannot sell, it must write off the obsolete inventory as an expense. The accounting method for this expense is for the business to determine if the inventory has any disposal value, you subtract the value from the inventorys book value and set aside the difference in a reserve account.

Lifo has much more complicated cost layers than fifo does. Cost layers are a way to keep track of the inventory, din purchasing expenses and profits. Heres an example to further demonstrate cost layers. Like mentioned above, last in, first out most often means lower profits for the company, but when you report lower profits, you dont have to pay as many income taxes. This allows the business to have more cash-on-hand to use for opportunities and to purchase more inventory. Because of inflation, where costs and expenses continue to rise, last in, first out will have a lower profit margin. This is because there is little to no inflation gap to allow last in, first out businesses to capitalize on their inventory.

essay notes for ias

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The last in first out method may seem counter-intuitive to some. And for most,. In fact its only allowed in the us and its banned by the International Financial Reporting Standards (ifrs). Last in first out is the opposite of first in first out, in that the last items acquired by the business are essay the first ones sold. Most businesses could never implement lifo because they would lose out on money due to spoiled goods and would experience lower profit. The companies that decide to use last in the first out method over the first in first out method most often do it for the tax advantages. However, there can also be tax liabilities. The advantages drinking of lifo are also its disadvantages as the only real purpose of instituting lifo is to avoid paying higher taxes but this means profits are generally lower.

This way, your balance sheet is always showing current market prices. I think one of the biggest disadvantages to fifo is the inconsistent prices given to clients. For example, if youre buying that same batch of dog food for 4,000 and the next month you have to spend 6,000, youre obviously going to have to increase your asking price a bit or your profit margin shrinks. Repeat clients may find this challenging at times but they should also understand the ebb and flow of the market. The second disadvantage would be clerical errors. When inventory prices are always in flux it can become cumbersome to correctly record cost of goods, selling price of goods and any discrepancy that may occur because of rising or falling market prices. With last in first out, the last batch of goods purchased is the first batch of goods being sold so the likelihood of a price change is low. However, lifo has many cost layers and can become quite confusing to record correctly. There is more to this but see lifo disadvantages below.

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essay notes for ias

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Finding 2, under ifrs, the last in, first pdf out method for accounting for inventory costs is not allowed. Under gaap, either the last in first out or first in first out inventory estimates can be used. The move to a single method of inventory costing could lead to enhanced comparability between countries, and remove the need for analysts to adjust lifo inventories in their comparison analysis. The first in first out method of inventory management explains the order in which inventory is purchased and then sold. When a business utilizes the fifo method, they sell the products that they received first before selling the products they received last. Fifo is the most popular method of inventory management as its easier to use than its last in first out counterpart and its more practical especially when regarding perishable goods.

When a company uses fifo they are less likely to incur old and outdated inventory that can no longer be sold. Accountants have to write off whats called obsolete inventory after a certain amount of time goes by and the product is not used essay or sold. Because fifo makes sure that the oldest items in stock are used or sold before they are deemed obsolete companies can save money. With cost accounting comes a lot of financial recording. When companies use fifo they will constantly have an updated reflection of the current market prices for the items in their inventory. This happens as older products are taken from the inventory stock to be sold, the newer inventory is left on the books for the end of the month.

Manage time between speed and accuracy while solving the questions. Dont run from difficult topics. Try to clear. Use short tricks to solve questions. Dont be hurry while reading the question paper in examination hall and understand what is asked before answering.

Read Out: ias success Stories Note: Aspirants are advised to stay connected with us through google Plus or bookmark our web portal m or bookmark it for acquiring latest ias study material 2018. If you have any question regarding this then you can leave your Comment in a below mentioned comment box, we will solve your query as soon as possible. You may also like to visit This Section. That every material class of similar items has to be presented separately. Items that are of a dissimilar nature or function shall be presented separately unless they are immaterial. Ifrs requires that at least annually a complete set of financial statements is presented. However, most companies generally also publish interim financial statements.

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Solve previous years question papers. Make good exam strategy and execute. Must read mock test papers. Read newspapers, articles for metamorphosis current affairs. Prepare your own hand written notes. Make more and more practice for writing answers. Try to clear the basic concept of topics.

essay notes for ias

S Sharma history Of Medieval India pay by satish Chandra history Of Modern India by bipan Chandra Indias Struggle for Independence by bipan Chandra books for Indian Polity: Indian Polity. Laxmikanth Our Parliament by subhash Kashyap books for geography: geography of India by majid Husain CertificatePhysical and Human geography by goh Cheng leong Oxford School Atlas Must read: ias preparation Tips books for Indian Economy: Indian Economy for civil Services Examination by ramesh Singh Economic. This exam consist 9 papers. Paper-a and Paper-b are in qualifying nature and rest 7 papers are merit ranking nature. After qualifying pre mains exam you will have to appear in Interview. Final selection will be done according to obtain marks in Pre, main and Interview. Lets have look on exam pattern as stated below: Paper Subject Marks Paper iii essay (Section 1) 200 English Comprehension and English Précis (Section 2) 100 (The level of paper would be matriculation/10th standard level) Paper iv general Studies-I 250 (Indian Heritage and Culture, history. You need to buy best books for better preparation.

Annual Reports. Planning Commissions documents, india year book, india world and international relations. Pushpesh Pants, tapan Biswals,. P.Dutts World Focus magazine ethics, integrity and aptitude: Drishtis notes Subba rao and roy chowdhury ramesh Arora current affairs website updates Newspaper The hindu (English Newspaper) dainik jagran Hindustan dainik bhaskar science technology vivas Panorama (basics updated) Magazines biodiversity ncerts ignou- 2 issues disaster management. Ncerts General Studies for civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper 1 (2014) 1st Edition (Paperback) Tata McGraw hill Education do you know: How to become ias or ips officer ias exam Preparation books History study material for ias: Indias Ancient Past.

Aspirants are needed to prepare with the best ias exam study material which comprise books, sample papers, previous year papers, current affairs etc. Now it is a question that which is the best book for ias exam? So we m umum have provided the best ias study material through this you can do better preparation of the exam. Ias study material, topics, authors Name, indian geography. Oxford School Atlas, orient Longman ddharathas Map book, ncerts (11th 12th books). Mahesh Barnwal, world geography, above atlas, mahesh Barnwal book. Khullars (Indian geography indian polity governance 9th to 12 th ncerts books (old new) xmikants, braj Kishore Sharmas, bare Acts. Basus, indian economy, ncerts (old, 11th 12th stds.). Lals, mishra puri/ Dutt sundaram.

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Aspirants who are going to appear Indian Administrative service recruitment Exam they can check latest. Ias study material from this page. Here we are providing all the Free online books and Notes for ias exam. With the help of ias study material 2018 you may prepare well and score good marks in the examination. Applicants who have desire to become an ias officer and are also preparing for competitive exams they may download the ias preparation books pdf in Hindi from this page. Upsc ias exam Details: every year the Union Public Service commission conducts the examination for the recruitment of dynamic candidates for Indian Administrative service. It is one of the toughest exams but not impossible to crack. Candidates can crack this examination with their best preparation and skills.

Essay notes for ias
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  1. Booklet-03 Download general studies :booklet-04 tina dabi rank-1, 2015 download essay. These are not standard prescription for all to get ias. Here are some sample notes for other topics that I had prepared.

  2. Studying a particular section without writing practice will keep your understanding. If you are an ias aspirant and confused how to prepare for ias in best way? The study material can also be purchased directly from the office of the Study circle against cash payment or by demand draft/pay order, on any working day between 9:00. World History Class Notes by Ojha sir pdf, world History coaching notes, world history class notes for ias examination, Ojha sir notes pdf download Download ojha sir notes below of this.

  3. Strategy to write a good Essay : On the last page of the answer booklet make note of topics and points under following headings, mon to sat 08:00am to 08:00pm. Join Elite ias essay test Series includes 8 Mock tests on different topics relevant for uspc mains exam preparation and Essay writing practice and. Note: Writing Test Series makes you a disciplined smart learner.

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