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My companion (here in the role of villain) thrust a sharp instrument through a part of the fern; pain was indicated by spasmodic flutters. When he passed a razor partially through the stem, the shadow was violently agitated, then stilled itself with the final punctuation of death. "By first chloroforming a huge tree, i achieved a successful transplantation. Usually, such monarchs of the forest die very quickly after being moved." Jagadis smiled happily as he recounted the life-saving maneuver. "Graphs of my delicate apparatus have proved that trees possess a circulatory system; their sap movements correspond to the blood pressure of animal bodies. The ascent of sap is not explicable on the mechanical grounds ordinarily advanced, such as capillary attraction. The phenomenon has been solved through the crescograph as the activity of living cells. Peristaltic waves issue from a cylindrical tube which extends down a tree and serves as an actual heart!

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Is "patience" not indeed a synonym of India, confounding Time and the historians alike? I visited the research center again, soon after the day of opening. The great botanist, mindful of his promise, took me to his quiet laboratory. "I will attach the crescograph to this fault fern; the magnification is tremendous. If a snail's crawl were enlarged in the same proportion, the creature would appear to be traveling like an express train!" my gaze was fixed eagerly on the screen which reflected the magnified fern-shadow. Minute life-movements were now clearly perceptible; the plant was growing very slowly before my fascinated eyes. The scientist touched the tip of the fern with a small metal bar. The developing pantomime came to an abrupt halt, resuming the eloquent rhythms as soon as the rod was withdrawn. "you saw how any slight outside interference is detrimental to the sensitive tissues bose remarked. "Watch; I will now administer chloroform, and then give an antidote." The effect of the chloroform discontinued all growth; the antidote was revivifying. The evolutionary gestures on the screen held me more raptly than a "movie" plot.

No patents will ever be taken. The spirit of our national culture demands that we should forever be free from the desecration of utilizing knowledge only for personal gain. "It is my further wish that the facilities of this Institute be available, so far as possible, to workers from all countries. In this i am attempting to carry on the traditions kites of my country. So far back as twenty-five centuries, India welcomed to its ancient universities, at Nalanda and Taxila, scholars from all parts of the world. "Although science is neither of the east nor of the west but rather international in its universality, yet India is specially fitted to make great contributions. 5 The burning Indian imagination, which can extort new order out of a mass of apparently contradictory facts, is held in check by the habit of concentration. This restraint confers the power to hold the mind to the pursuit of truth with an infinite patience." tears stood in my eyes at the scientist's concluding words.

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Problems hitherto regarded as insoluble have now been brought within the drinking sphere of experimental investigation. "But high success is not to be obtained without rigid exactitude. Hence the long battery of super-sensitive instruments and apparatus of my design, which stand before you today in their cases in the entrance hall. They tell you of the protracted efforts to get behind the deceptive seeming into the reality that remains unseen, of the continuous toil and persistence and resourcefulness called forth to overcome human limitations. All creative scientists know that the true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions they uncover the laws of truth. "The lectures given here will not be mere repetitions of second-hand knowledge. They will announce new discoveries, demonstrated for the first time in these halls. Through regular publication of the work of the Institute, these Indian contributions will reach the whole world. They will become public property.

It is for him to cast his life as an ardent offeringregarding gain and loss, success and failure, as one. "In time the leading scientific societies of the world accepted my theories and results, and  recognized the importance of the Indian contribution to science. 4 Can anything small or circumscribed ever satisfy the mind of India? By a continuous living tradition, and a vital power of rejuvenescence, this land has readjusted itself through unnumbered transformations. Indians have always arisen who, discarding the immediate and absorbing prize of the hour, have sought for the realization of the highest ideals in lifenot through passive renunciation, but through active struggle. The weakling who has refused the conflict, acquiring nothing, has had nothing to renounce. He alone who has striven and won can enrich the world by bestowing the fruits of his victorious experience. "The work already carried out in the bose laboratory on the response of matter, and the unexpected revelations in plant life, have opened out very extended regions of inquiry in physics, in physiology, in medicine, in agriculture, and even in psychology.

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Bose's speech on this great occasion might have issued from the lips of vtu one of the inspired ancient rishis. "I dedicate today this Institute as not merely a laboratory but a temple." His reverent solemnity stole like an unseen cloak over the crowded auditorium. "In the pursuit of my investigations I was unconsciously led into the border region of physics and physiology. To my amazement, i found boundary lines vanishing, and points of contact emerging, between the realms of the living and the non-living. Inorganic matter was perceived as anything but inert; it was athrill under the action of multitudinous forces. "A universal reaction seemed to bring metal, plant and animal under a common law. They all exhibited essentially the same phenomena of fatigue and depression, with possibilities of recovery and of exaltation, as well as the permanent irresponsiveness associated with death.

Filled with awe at this stupendous generalization, it was with great hope that i announced my results before the royal Societyresults demonstrated by experiments. But the physiologists present advised me to confine myself to physical investigations, in which my success had been assured, rather than encroach on their preserves. I had unwittingly strayed into the domain of an unfamiliar caste system and so offended its etiquette. "An unconscious theological bias was also present, which confounds ignorance with faith. It is often forgotten that he who surrounded us with this ever-evolving mystery of creation has also implanted in us the desire to question and understand. Through many years of miscomprehension, i came to know that the life of a devotee of science is inevitably filled with unending struggle.

The telltale charts of my crescograph 2 are evidence for the most skeptical that plants have a sensitive nervous system and a varied emotional life. Love, hate, joy, fear, pleasure, pain, excitability, stupor, and countless appropriate responses to stimuli are as universal in plants as in animals." "The unique throb of life in all creation could seem only poetic imagery before your advent, Professor! A saint i once knew would never pluck flowers. 'Shall I rob the rosebush of its pride in beauty? Shall I cruelly affront its dignity by my rude divestment?' his sympathetic words are verified literally through your discoveries!" "The poet is intimate with truth, while the scientist approaches awkwardly.

Come someday to my laboratory and see the unequivocable testimony of the crescograph." Gratefully i accepted the invitation, and took my departure. I heard later that the botanist had left Presidency college, and was planning a research center in Calcutta. When the bose Institute was opened, i attended the dedicatory services. Enthusiastic hundreds strolled over the premises. I was charmed with the artistry and spiritual symbolism of the new home of science. Its front gate, i noted, was a centuried relic from a distant  shrine. Behind the lotus 3 fountain, a sculptured female figure with a torch conveyed the Indian respect for woman as the immortal light-bearer. The garden held a small temple consecrated to the noumenon beyond phenomena. Thought of the divine incorporeity was suggested by absence of any altar-image.

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Their members exhibited intense interest in delicate instruments of my invention which demonstrate the nurse indivisible unity of all life. 1, the bose crescograph has the enormity of ten million magnifications. The microscope enlarges only a few thousand times; yet it brought vital impetus to biological science. The crescograph opens incalculable vistas." "you have done much, sir, to hasten the embrace of East and West in the impersonal arms of science." "I was educated at Cambridge. How admirable is the western method of submitting all theory to scrupulous experimental verification! That empirical procedure has gone hand in hand with the gift for introspection which is my eastern heritage. Together they have enabled me to sunder the silences of natural realms long uncommunicative.

autobiography of a yogi in bengali pdf

next day to the sage at his home, which was close to mine. I had long admired him from a respectful distance. The grave and retiring botanist greeted me graciously. He was a handsome, robust man in his fifties, with thick hair, broad forehead, and the abstracted eyes of a dreamer. The precision in his tones revealed the lifelong scientific habit. "I have recently returned from an expedition to scientific societies of the.

Bose "Jagadish, chandra bose's wireless inventions antedated those of Marconi." overhearing this provocative remark, i thesis walked closer to a sidewalk group of professors engaged in scientific discussion. If my motive in joining them was racial pride, i regret. I cannot deny my keen interest in evidence that India can play a leading part in physics, and not metaphysics alone. "What do you mean, sir? the professor obligingly explained. "Bose was the first one to invent a wireless coherer and an instrument for indicating the refraction of electric waves. But the Indian scientist did not exploit his inventions commercially. He soon turned his attention from the inorganic to the organic world.

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Autobiography of a yogi in bengali pdf
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  3. A life Interwoven with gayatri originally written in Hindi by yuga rishi Shri ram Sharma Acharya aatma bodha knowledge of Self by Adi Shankaracharya. Autobiography of a yogi by paramahansa yogananda Original 1946 Edition Public Domain. Times is a leading source of breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more for southern California and the world.

  4. Sri yukteswar Giri (also written Sriyuktesvara, sri yukteshwar) (devanagari:, bengali : Śrīyukteśvara giri, bengali : ) ( ) is the monastic name of Priya nath Karar (. It has been suggested that. Bengali, kayastha be merged into this article. Proposed since august 2017.

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