Mobile massage therapy business plan

How to Start a, home-based Massage Therapy business

mobile massage therapy business plan

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Before setting yourself on one track simply because its the only one you knew about, it makes sense to explore some of the options. Here are just four of the biggest possibilities. Where will your massage therapy career take you? Spa massage, who doesnt love a trip the spa? Relaxing music, a soothing atmosphere, and an amazing massage what more could you ask for? For many people, providing this kind of much-needed opportunity to unwind is exactly what theyd like to do with their massage education.

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You know you want a massage therapy career. Youre zoomed in on this perfect massage career in your head: youre giving a massage, your client is happy, youre happy, youve got plenty of work and youre financially secure. What a great image! But writing zoom out for a moment. Where do you work? Who is your boss? (Or do you even have one?) do you work nights and weekends and holidays, or is this strictly a 9-5 gig? How much money do you want to make doing massage? Who are your clients, and why are they coming to you. There are so many different kinds of careers in massage therapy.

On January 1 2005, we will start to accept clients. By then all our staff will be hired and we should have a few contract professionals hired. A m Travel guide to massage filsafat Therapy. Listings, traditional massage, shiatsu, swedish styles and innovative watsu varieties of therapies are provided by this massage studio, which also provides small group Qigong classes. Address: 4109, chemin georgeville. magog, qc j1X 3W4. Telephone:, contribute: Add an event, view Stats.

mobile massage therapy business plan

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Each professional will be charged 125 per month that will result in monthly revenue of 1,875 (15 therapists each paying 125 per month). While we have attempted to base our income streams on best guess, we have determined that the number we provided here are on the low end and will only go higher. Review of other message therapy clinics nation wide have shown that the revenues are actually much higher than what we have projected. Based on the above numbers, our total projected thesis revenue is 352,566 for the first year. Our total projected expenses for the first 12 months is 229,680 plus the operating line of credit interest expense of 6,000 annually. Start—Up Expenses Gym equipment—25,600 Legal fees—1,200 Office supplies and furniture—4,500 Rent and damage post—2,800 Office computers and equipment—5,900 Advertising pelleas and brochures—1,200 operations we signed the lease on October 10, 2004; the landlord has 40 days to have the leasehold improvements completed. We estimate that by november 20, 2004 we will be able to move. We will budget two weeks to get equipment set up and our systems in place. We will budget four weeks to run open houses for the medical profession and insurance industry, allowing them to see our facility.

The only item recorded for these positions will be the revenue we receive every time we get a booking; we will only record the revenue share we receive and not the revenue the client will pay. Other Operating Expenses Office rental—1,400 per month Telephone—200 per month Office supplies—250 per month Gym supplies—400 per month Parking fees—240 per month Utilities—450 per month Advertising—700 per month Yellow page ad—400 per month Total—4,040 in monthly operating expenses revenue income Projections Our monthly income and. This was determined by having two therapists working six hours per day for five days a week. At the hourly rate of 75 per hour, this figure totals 4,500 week for each of 52 weeks of the year. Revenue from other professionals we contract out will be 96,096 per year. This was determined by having seven therapists working four hours per day for six days a week. At the average hourly rate of 11 per hour, this figure totals 1848 per week for each of the 52 weeks of the year. Revenue from flat fees charged for each professional will total 22,500 annually.

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mobile massage therapy business plan

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Also there will be a wheelchair ramp installed in writing the side door, allowing for easy access for all of our clients. The ramp is basically a cement ramp to cover the fourinch gap along the sidewalk. Staffing All staffing will be trained in their area of expertise; we will not hire anyone who does not have certification in the right areas. There is a college in the region that every year has a lot of graduates. We will fill our open positions from these qualified students. For the professional contract positions we will contract out to the right professionals in the region.

While we realize that some of these openings may not be filled on the day of opening we may not have all the openings filled. That will be fine, as we want to make sure we bring in the right professionals and do not want to be in a rush. The front counter staff can be trained on office administration or doctor's office administration, which will be fine for the type of work being performed. Financial analysis staffing Front counter—1,500 per month Massage Therapist—3,700 per month per position. Two positions total 7,400 per month Accountant—2,300 per month Cleaning and basic repair and maintenance (Contract cleaner)—400 per month ceo—3,500 per month Total—15,100 monthly payroll expenses Because all other positions are contract and are not employees we will not put them in our books.

The hours of operation will be from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and half days on Saturday. The contract therapists can book appointments outside these hours as required. At this location we will have a main reception area consisting of a nursing station counter area, eight to twelve chairs for clients, a coat rack, a coffee table and a book shelf containing various handouts and info for clients to read while they wait. There will be a total of eight treatment rooms, complete with an adjustable bed, chair, wall charts of the human body and small drawer cabinet for storage. The main gym area will contain a variety of gym equipment as listed below.

Four stationary bikes Three flatbed weight machines One hamstring exercise machine four treadmills Complete set of weights One traction bed Ten various sized balls for lumbar work Two heart rate testing machines Two tables for treatment of various therapies Water cooler Rowing machine hot tub. It is central to all three hospitals, therefore allowing for easy access for our clients from these locations. Also this location is centrally located in the city and has easy access to the bus system and the go train. The key to the location is parking and the bus station is only about 20 yards from the front door and is based on the ground floor of the eightstory building. One of the other bonus features of this location is the fact that inside there are numerous our medical professionals and specialists set up, as well a lab and xray clinic. We will be leasing around 12,000 square feet of this unit and will pay a flat net rent of 1400 per month over a 5 year term. Considering the location this is fair. Also as part of our negotiations we were to have the landlord pay for leasehold improvements in the amount of 20,000.

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Gym Therapy—70 per hour. Mobility Therapy—50 per hour. Physiological Therapy—100 per hour. Driving Therapy—40 per hour. Pdsd therapy—120 per hour. Aroma Therapy—40 per hour. Riekie therapy—40 per hour. Because we have set up this clinic as a limited liability corporation, the owner will not retrolisthesis be personally responsible for any activities of the therapists who operate out of this location.

mobile massage therapy business plan

Mobility Therapy, water Therapy, gym Therapy, mobility Therapy. Physiological Therapy, driving Therapy, pdsd therapy, all of resume our staff will focus on the massage therapy and the other types of therapy will be contracted out to third party professionals who meet the required certifications. The prices charged for these services will vary based on the service. Our fee will be the same for each client we book for one of these therapies. Massage Therapy—75 per hour. Physical Therapy—80 per hour. Our fee. Mobility Therapy—40 per hour. Water Therapy—70 per hour.

30 minute session—39 60 minute session—75. Fees Charged for Physical Therapy, standard Physical Therapy—60 per hour, water therapy—75 per hour. Physiological therapy—100 per hour, of the seven listed in the phone book, only two have set up strategic alliances with hospital medical regions as a referral. The reason for this is simply the hospital only refer to credited clinics and of the seven only two have been accredited. We will be accredited so we will get these referrals. We have already been in talks with various medical practitioners and have determined that there is solid foundation for our clinic model in this region. While our main focus will be to run the massage therapy clinic, we will also receive income from our other partners in form of shared office rental and a small perclient booking fee. Some of the services set up in our region are as follows: Massage Therapy, physical Therapy.

Market Analysis, millen, texas is your average little city with a population of 150,000 people. There are three major hospitals in the city limits and there are seven massage therapy offices listed in the phone book. After calling all massage therapy places to get their pricing structure for competitive reasons, it was determined that only six were still in business and of the six only four were licensed by the state health region. While this type of service does not have to be registered to operate in the state, we have determined that we will only hire registered staff for our clinic. Approximately review 14 months ago, the local automobile insurance association had adopted a nofault insurance plan, where the injured in an automobile accident could not sue for injuries unless they went through a complete health check with the local medical staff of various backgrounds, one. With this new focus on rehabilitation, we have determined that the steady stream of new revenue from this new source would be financially worthy of an investment into this new business. After studying the market we have found out that there is no place where a client can go to get a multifunctional discipline approach to their health care or recovery. Based on health region statistics, there are 1600 visits per month to the present seven massage therapy clinics, with an average cost of 30 per visit. This amounts to monthly revenue of over 6,500 per clinic just for massage therapy and does not include revenue from other types of therapy.

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Massage works 41 Whitter way, millen, tx 73301, gerald. Rekve, this business plan is for a massage therapy practice. The need for this practice was identified after a key piece of state legislation changed, and anyone injured in an automoblie accident was required to undergo treatment. Executive summary, business overview, over resume a span of 15 years gavin Cheney had worked in various medical practices as an office manager. Never really getting any training on the medical profession, gavin enjoyed working for others in the field. Then the state where he works and lives changed a fundamental part of the automobile insurance business, where anyone who was injured in an auto accident was required to have treatment. Gavin saw this as a great opportunity to start his own practice. After a number of conversations with his medical contacts, he decided to open his own massage therapy practice.

Mobile massage therapy business plan
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  3. After a number of conversations with his medical contacts, he decided to open his own massage therapy practice. This business plan is for a massage therapy practice. They include primary care physicians, dentists, gastroenterologists and cardiologists, and Valuedoc plans to also offer acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, dermatology and vision.

  4. Lawrence » Magog business. Massage, therapy in Magog, quebec.the millions of people who come to m each month to plan. Bedford Massage Therapy Clinic. No one has rated or reviewed this business yet!

  5. Back to health Chiropractic massage, therapy - boardman.0.0 Back to health Chiropractic massage, therapy. Back to health Chiropractic massage, therapy app is an easy-to-use, free mobile.Blue cross Blue shield Blue cross Blue shield bcbs chiropractor Chiropractors Cigna Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1992 Education: University of Pittsburgh, 2003 Heritage Plus. Massage, therapy, ods health, plan.

  6. Therapists must file a separate application with the city Clerk, pay a fee and meet specific educational requirements: Who Uses the. a m Travel guide. Massage, therapy in Warwick long bay, warwick parish.your exposure to the millions of people who come to m each month to plan.

  7. I plan on coming back! Mobile, app Grow your, business by working with Groupon. There are so many different kinds of careers in massage therapy. People who succeed at mobile massage are organized, flexible, assertive with their personal boundaries, and have a demeanor that.

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