Essay on unforgettable day in my life

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essay on unforgettable day in my life

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All were in jolly and happy mood. My mother prepared nice dishes for the lunch. Never before i was so happy. I went to the school. I met the principal and other teachers. They all congratulated. Many other girls also came to school.

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It may be good or bad, happy. My hands were shaking and wallpaper heart throbbing. With trembling ears I heard to her. She told me that I have secured.I thanked god the almighty for the success which he granted. Then I ran to my parents and gave them the good news. They were overwhelmed with joy. My sisters and cousins got up and rejoiced. The whole atmosphere of the house was at once changed. Friends and relatives poured in to congratulate. Tea and sweets were served to all who came. Many of my relatives brought sweet-boxes for.

But all of these are not equally important, enjoyable and memorable. All days we writing come across in our life are not the same. Memorable day is the funniest and happiest day of our life. However, memories are not just the ones that make us feel like we are in heaven. Sometimes, it is unforgettable because of the joy and fun that has given. Be it either good or bad, it will still be the part of us, our life. It will remain in us forever, everywhere we walk. When we think about this day or memory, we are very happy and we want to smile or we are sad and we want to cry. In my opinion, everyone has a special memory that they will never forget.

essay on unforgettable day in my life

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i whispered to her. Just then she opened her eyes, pdf looked at me and said softly, i love you. Then she died in my arms, right in front of the hospital. It was 8:30. M and still pouring. To this day, whenever it rains, i always think of the day my mother passed away. The memory of us selling pho is still strong in my mind and I will miss those precious moments that we had together. May 20, 1992 is not only the saddest day in my life, but also the last day i saw my mother alive. Life is full of various events and experiences.

I waved my arms frantically, flagging the truck down. The driver of the truck jumped out and came to our aid swiftly. Shes lost a lot of blood. We need to get her to the hospital right away. he continued as he lifted her up into the cab of the truck. We drove to the nearest emergency room which was 45 minutes away. Hang in there mom, well be there soon.

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essay on unforgettable day in my life

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She fell down hard and hit her head against a rock. The empty pot rolled to the other side of the road. The motorist who hit her ran off like a roach running for cover. My mother did not move, and she did not say anything. Blood was pouring from her head.

I was frightened; tears rolled from my paper eyes as I realized her time was running out. At that moment, i did not know what to do to save her except to run to her as quickly as my little legs could move and scream Mommy, dont leave me! Then I sat down, rolled her lifeless body over, held her in my arms, and prayed somebody come to help. Please, help my mom. My wish had finally been granted, however, time was not our ally. From the distance, i could see the headlights of a large truck.

My mother put the pot of Pho down and started announcing Pho here, pho here, pho here. It was amazing; people came from everywhere to buy my mothers food at our street corner stand. I, a 10 year old girl, worked tirelessly as a waitress, hostess, busboy and cashier. My mother poured bowl after bowl of pho. When the afternoon progressed, our clientele started dwindling along with our supply of food. My mother and I took this time to fill our grumbling stomachs.

As the sun began setting over the horizon, it signaled time for us to clean everything up and start heading home. My mother put the long stick with the empty pot of Pho back on her shoulder and I carried the same bag of toys in my hand. We walked back to the house together joyfully. My happiness was soon shattered by an accident that took my mother away from me forever. Half way there, it started raining. My mother and I began to walk faster, but it started to rain more heavily. The street was dark and the visibility was very poor. A motorcycle came up on us without warning and suddenly slammed into my poor little mother.

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In the kitchen, my mother was starting the fire melisande to boil the large pot of Pho. As soon as I finished, i went there to help her wash the herbs, put noodles in the bag, and get everything ready for the days business. The clock struck reviews seven and we left the house. My mother carried the pot of Pho, balancing it with a long stick, on her shoulder. I held my bag of toys and followed her. Both of us were laughing and talking happily together on the way to the market. After an hour of walking, we finally arrived to our destination and began our setting up for business.

essay on unforgettable day in my life

Hearing sounds of shuffling feet, i turned around and saw all. We will Write a database custom Essay sample. On, any topic, specifically for you order now, an Unforgettable day 16 years have passed since my mother, a 37 year old woman, left her five poor children behind. Death brutally took her away from our world in a motorcycle accident which happened in vietnam. I, her second daughter, was the only person to witness her sudden fatality and was helpless to do anything to save her life on that stormy night. May 20, 1992, on which my mother breathed her last breath, is the most unforgettable day of my life. That day, same as every day, while my sisters were still sleeping, i woke up at. To help my mother cook pho, a traditional dish of vietnamese. I tiptoed to the back of the house where the bathroom was to do my personal tasks.

of it, into the neighbours compound and up the steps on to the verandah, all in my duster coat! My husbands got locked in the bathroom, i blurted out between gasps. Its my sons first day at school. I have a presentation. He has a meeting.30. The neighbour, who was a civil engineer came with me immediately. He looked at the stuck handle as though he were a lock psychologist and tried it twice. Then turned it several times noisily in rapid succession.

Then let out a peal of laughter Papa has got himself locked. They were not amused. I persisted through my plastic smile. Ill get Vinnis father. My daughter went back to her books (a cool customer and I love her for it). My son went slowly back to his cane chair, with a somber expression in his eyes. Math i crooned, "youve seen this book?

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It was the day my son was to join school. My husband gave him a bath, dressed him in his best clothes, handed over to him the new colourful backpack with the accessories for the first day at school. The little fellow hoisted it onto his back immediately, and sat in the cane chair, his face shining from the shower and eyes sparkling with excitement. The rest of us in "vivien Villa" my husband, daughter and i- stood there for a moment looking at him, and then we broke up, my husband to the bathroom for his shave and shower, my daughter to her books till thesis the school bus came. I tried it several times repeatedly. I whirled around, and was about to break into a run towards the neighbours place when I saw my children standing at the door of the bedroom, looking anxious and scared. I switched on a plastic smile.

Essay on unforgettable day in my life
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This day promised to be fun and exciting, but little did i know the events of Thur sday june 28 2001, would forever change my life. This is how it all started. It is an incident of my younger brother s early childhood.

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  2. When I was 17, mi school was celebrating the. Tab le games and talking all night. But in a moment of the night some of the.

  3. 677 Words Oct 27th. Sometimes, it is unforgettable because of the joy and fun that has given. Unforgettable day in my life.

  4. The most Unforgettable day in my life - download as Word Doc (.doc pdf file (.p df text File (.txt) or read online. Free essay: It was the day my son was to join school. My husband g ave him a bath, dressed him in his best clothes, handed over to him the. The most memorable day in my life Essays.

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