Turkey farming business plan

Complete poultry farming Business Plan for 2,400 layers

turkey farming business plan

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The ideal place for starting poultry farming would be in a remote rural area, which is serviced by a good road. In such a location, you will face lower labor costs and enjoy some freedom from the prying eyes of the regulatory agencies that, while good, can derail your progress. An urban location is attractive for various reasons, like proximity to potential market, but as a newbie in livestock, you dont want to spend all your capital on buying land, which is sold at a premium in these areas. Another downside of aiming an urban location is the regulations put in place by various government agencies, which bar the establishments of poultry farms near urban or residential areas due to different health risks posed by such establishments. 4) Capital, sorting the location will give you an idea of the capital required to set up the farm. Like in other businesses, the bigger you plan to start, the higher the amount of capital you will need. Identifying a figure is the first step to sourcing capital. The guidelines below should help you in budgeting: Small scale poultry farming of about 50 chickens kept in cages at your resident will set you back roughly 225 dollars (70, 000 naira).

Free poultry farming Business Plan Sample template pdf

The best way to decide the type of netiquette bird is to carry out a brief study f your potential market and find out whether it is better to raise your chickens for meat (Broilers) or eggs (layers). 2) What you want your customers to know you for? As earlier mentioned, you have to choose the type of bird to populate your poultry farm with. Nonetheless, poultry farming is even more diverse than just eggs and meat. And as such, a good business plan should detail which aspect of poultry farming the business will focus. Niches to choose from include: layers Breeding, which is focused on egg production by layers. Broilers Breeding, which is focused on producing chicken for meat. Hatchery, which involves breeding chicken with the aim of producing chicks. Poultry feeds, which is involves production of poultry food for other poultry farms. While layers and Broilers breeding can be done together, hatchery and poultry are better when done independently. 3) Location, when choosing a location, bear in mind that it has a direct impact on the startup cost you are likely to incur.

Total time Cost of Sales 6,363 14,313 16,246, gross Margin 78,476 176,522 200,367, gross Margin.50.50.50, payroll 87,000 92,000 97,000, sales and Marketing and Other Expenses 10,000 12,000 14,000, depreciation 6,996 6,996 6,996, mortgage 24,000 24,000 24,000. Utilities 7,000 7,000 7,000, insurance 2,400 2,400 2,400, payroll Taxes 13,050 13,800 14,550, other 2,400 2,400 2,400 Profit Before Interest and Taxes (74,370) 15,926 32,021 ebitda (67,374) 22,922 39,017 Interest Expense 3,908 3,640 3,280 Taxes Incurred 0 3,686 8,623 Net Profit/Sales - Now that you are convinced that poultry farming is the way to go, it is important to have a business plan. When starting a business, a business plan is a must-have. A business plan contains all essential information pertaining a particular business. Therefore, your poultry farming business plan should cover the following: Important Aspects Of a poultry farming Business Plan 1) Type of bird: For meat (Broilers) or For Eggs (layers). This decision, of which type of poultry bird to raise, is a dilemma for most intending farmers. While there are many birds a farmer can choose to invest in including goose, duck, and turkey among others, this article focuses on Chickens.

turkey farming business plan

Starting Broiler poultry farming Business Plan (pdf

Non availability and affordability of vaccines In the agro-allied industry, especially poultry farming; this particular challenge affects the small scale poultry farmers more because; unlike the industrial or commercial poultry farmers who can afford the vaccines, the small scale poultry farmers cant afford the vaccines. Adulteration and high cost of poultry food The price of poultry food is quite costly and birds consume a lot. So most poultry farmers economize or ration the food given to the birds and this affects the output. Introduction to poultry farming Business Proposal Advertisements. Nothing is more critical to a new farm business than a good farm business plan. . This is your roadmap to start-up, profitability, and growth, and provides the foundation for your conversation with usda about how our programs can complement your operation. Whether you need a good get-started guide, have a plan that you would like to verify, or have a plan youre looking to update for your next growth phase, usda can help connect you to resources to help you in your decisions. It is important to know that no single solution fits everyone, and you should research, seek guidance, and make the best decision for your operation according to your own individual priorities. Pro essay forma Profit and Loss, direct Cost of Sales 6,363 14,313 16,246, other Costs of goods 0.

Just like every other business, poultry farming needs sufficient and proper funding. You cannot do well as a livestock farmer, especially poultry farming when you dont have enough fund. You need money to purchase a land for the farm, to construct and equip the farm, to hire and pay staff/laborers and also to feed and provide healthcare for your birds. Outbreak of diseases When the environment is dirty, disease and infection is inevitable. Birds like chicken are very sensitive to environmental changes. If the poultry environment is not properly taken care of, the chickens will be exposed to diseases like bacteria infection. So as a poultry farmer, you must ensure that the poultry environment is kept clean and disinfected.

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turkey farming business plan

2018 poultry farming Business Plan/Chicken feasibility Study

Accounting-: I mentioned in one of my previous articles how a lot of poultry farmers take the accounting and favourite record keeping aspects of their business who for granted. Poultry farming is just like any other commercial business out there and for you to track your performance and productivity, adequate records must be kept. Health-: Just like you need regular health check-up to stay in good shape, the birds in your farm also need regular check-up. They need proper vaccines and medications to prevent diseases and promote growth. Marketing-: Another factor to give consideration to is the marketing aspect of your poultry business. You have to find a way to reach your customers and this would be done by employing the right marketing techniques.

Projected return on investment The incubation period of the domestic fowl is 21 days. You can start selling off your birds as early as 8 12 weeks but full maturity is reached between 20 24 weeks. The payback period of a poultry farming business is between 3 5 years. Introduction to poultry farming Business Proposal Challenges you will Face When you start a poultry farming Business poultry farming has a longer pay back period It is Labor intensive pests such as rats, ants, etc and predators such as hawks, snakes can cause massive loss. The government is more interested in the oil sector thereby not showing concern to poultry farming and this brings discouragement to the poultry farmers. High start-up capital The very first factor you have to give serious consideration to is capital.

Semi Intensive system: Standard semi intensive unit and straw yard. Wire and slated floor, iii. Poultry equipment and appliances, there is a very long list of equipment and facilities to put in place in order to fully manage a poultry farm. You would need to construct a house for the birds, provide feeders and drinkers, a good waste disposal system, source of water, lightening and heat, egg crates and storage space for keeping feed and eggs. Feeding your birds-: feeding is a major aspect of poultry farming. In fact, about 70 of your expenses would go towards poultry feeding.

Therefore, it is imperative to figure out the feeding aspects of business before you go into. There are two ways to go about feeding in poultry farming: Producing your feeds by yourself, buying already-made poultry feeds. I recommend the former for large commercial poultry farms because it helps you to save a lot of money on feeding costs. Poultry farm staffing and manpower. Operating a poultry farm is not labor intensive if the use of technology is employed. With respect to staffing, the number of manpower needed is also dependent on the size of your farm. But some must haves should be admin officer or manager; who will oversee the day to day running of your business. Your manager can also double as your accountant to cut down cost.

How to start poultry farming In Nigeria (Business Plan)

A medium scale poultry farm may require 2,000 5,000 and a large scale poultry farm may require a start-up capital of 10,000 and above. Poultry location, a good location is vital to the success and profitability of your poultry farm. An ideal all poultry farm should be sited where theres a large availability of cheap land and at the same time; should be close to areas with high population density. Its not advisable to site your poultry farm within a residential area because of the offensive odour it produces. Another important factor to consider is the poultry housing system and fencing options. Poultry housing system determines up to 40 of the rater of success you would achieve in poultry farming. A good housing system is very important for your poultry farm. The housing system commonly used in poultry farming are-: Extensive system: Range and fold unit.

turkey farming business plan

Another important factor to consider is the type of birds you wish to rear. There are several types of birds that you can rear. Poultry farming can further be classified into the types of birds: Domestic fowl or Chicken (Broilers and layers). Turkey, guinea fowl, pigeon, duck, goose, peacock. Quail, you also have to decide on whether you want to rear layers or broilers. Layers are usually raised mainly for laying eggs so if egg production is your area of specialization, you would need to stock your farm with layers but if you prefer to opt for meat production instead, then you would need broilers instead nail because broilers have. But for this article, i will be focusing on poultry breeding for egg and meat purposes with respect to the domestic fowl. Start-up Capital Investment, the poultry farming business is capital intensive; depending on the scale, location of your farm and the type of management technology used. A small scale poultry farm being run behind your house may require a capital of between 500 1,500.

with different aspects. Below are niches in the poultry business: Egg production (layers breeding meat production (Broilers breeding). Chicken breeding (Hatchery poultry feed production, poultry equipment manufacturing. Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing. Poultry marketing and consultancy, so, you see that poultry farming is very wide. Therefore, you have to choose your area of specialization. Of course, if you have enough capital and the technical know-how nothing stops you from doing all the businesses under poultry farming but it is always better to go back to the drawing board, find out which aspects of poultry farming are more profitable. What type of bird will you be focusing on?

There are a lot of factors that make poultry farming business a profitable one but I will be highlighting only three major factors: food is one of the basic needs of man. Regardless of the economic situation, human beings must feed and since domestic birds are consumable; that makes poultry farming feasible. My country nigeria for instance has a population of over 170million and growing; bear it in mind that a huge population means a huge demand for food (egg and meat). With the increased awareness on the health implications of red meat; theres an increased demand for white meat and birds are a source of white meat. But before i go into the details of starting a poultry farming business, i want to emphatically state that the information provided in this resume article does not in any way replace the need for you to conduct a feasibility study, write a business plan for. Secondly, the information shared in this article is applicable to any locality; be it United States, canada, india, united Kingdom, nigeria, ghana, south Africa, etc. Without wasting your time, below is a step by step guide on how to start your own poultry farming business. Starting a poultry farming Business sample business Plan Template. Select your poultry niche, the poultry industry is a broad niche.

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Over time, i have gotten several questions regarding the issue of starting a poultry farming business. Do you need a sample poultry farming business plan template for beginners? Then i advice you read on as i will be sharing with you strategic information on how to start a poultry farming business from scratch and grow it successfully. Poultry farming is usually the business i recommend for retirees and individuals who are passionate about livestock farming. In the past, people were non-challant about breeding birds or cultivating crops for profits. But with the recent global burst in thesis population and a worldwide demand for food, people are now beginning to realize the potential of providing the most important basic need of man. Poultry farming is a viable business anytime any day; and to be sincere with you, its a business I have been considering for some time now. Below are reasons why i consider poultry farming a profitable business?

Turkey farming business plan
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The poultry farming business is basically carried on by people who want to spend their leisure time in doing something productive. Nothing is more critical to a new farm business than a good farm business plan.

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  1. Select your poultry niche. When poultry farming is mentioned, a lot of people take that to mean chicken rearing or turkey rearing alone but poultry farming is a very wide business with different aspects. Poultry farming Business Plan how to Start and Profits Margin In poultry farm.

  2. Sir, i am from Nigeria, am planning to go into turkey farming business I need your advice on how to go into free range turkey, space require, feeding, diseases prevention. Before you flood the market with your top-quality eggs or meat, put your farm s business plan in writing to ensure financial success. Starting a poultry farming Business sample business Plan Template.

  3. This poultry farming business plan template will ensure your poultry farm turns up profitable in a short period if you put in the right work. The poultry farming business is wide. People majorly assume the market is all about growing chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowls.

  4. The project members have already identified a suitable location for the project and have entered into discussions in connection with leasing a farm. Your poultry farming business plan should include these points. There are some other types of birds that you can bring in your consideration. They are the duck, goose, turkey etc.

  5. The texarkana gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. Diesel generator thesis Always keep in mind the market oyster choosing breeds for your farming farming business. Sample poultry farming Business Plan. Poultry house Project cc executive summary.

  6. While there are many birds a farmer can choose to invest in including goose, duck, and turkey among others, this article focuses on Chickens. Poultry farming In Nigeria: How to setup. Armed with a business plan, the next thing in the schedule of an aspiring poultry farmer is subsequently setting. Oyster farming business plan.

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