Food prep resume

Resume, sample: food, prep, baking or counter Person

food prep resume

Resume, sample: Restaurant Management Trainee or cook

Restaurant owners like to see applicants who already have knowledge of food processing techniques and kitchen organization because it implies that wont have to spend as much time training them. Below are the most important skills that line and prep cooks should include on their resumes. Skills for Line cooks Dedicated to quality: inspect and test all food before it is served In-depth knowledge of food processing and safety multitasking: Ability to handle multiple tickets Able to adhere to the precise instructions of the head chef Time management maintain a clean and safe station. Choose a resume Introduction every resume should begin with an intriguing introduction that provides the hiring manager with an overview of your skills and achievements. Job seekers have a choice between a professional profile, career objective, or a qualifications summary. The two samples above both use a career objective to highlight their experience with different cuisines, demonstrated skills, and accomplishments. Including these threes elements in your objective will give employers a reason to read through the rest of your resume.

Food, prep, resume

Confusing the two on your resume could be disastrous and end up ruining your career in the kitchen before it even starts. So, lets begin by clarifying exactly what the difference. A prep cook is the first step to becoming a full-fledged chef. As the title suggests, prep cooks are responsible for nestle preparing the cooking stations and ingredients. This often entails chopping vegetables, making long-cook protein items, cooking soup, and cleaning and stocking each station. A line cook is the next rung up on the cooking totem pole. Line cooks are responsible for actually filling orders as they come in from the servers. Working on the line can be extremely challenging. During busy lunch and dinner hours, cooks on the line have to remain calm and composed in order to multiple orders simultaneously. Now that weve reviewed the difference between the two, lets find out all the ingredients that line and prep cooks need to create a resume. Skills for Line prep cooks The more skills you add to your resume, the better your chances are of getting an interview.

Varsity volleyball, additional skills, food Handlers Permit, skilled in utilizing different kinds of knives, grinders, mixers, etc. Click here to download this msword Prep cook resume, line cook 20 Palm Drive, new Orleans, la 70124 (504) 452-5321, line cook with 5 years of experience in Cajun, Creole, and Middle eastern cuisines. Possess expertise in creating sauces and cooking seafood and poultry, as well as following recipes and presentation with meticulous detail. Demonstrated skills in improving cooking processes moliere and reducing food waste and costs. Recipient of awards, commendations, and numerous positive feedback from patrons. Upperline restaurant New Orleans,. Line cook Jul 2012 Present Worked in sauce and grill stations within 50-seat fine dining Cajun and Creole restaurant, with expertise in cooking seafood and poultry Awarded Line cook of the month six times, out of 5 line cooks, consistently receiving positive feedback from patrons. The difference between a line and a prep cook at some restaurants, the job duties of line and prep cooks may overlap, so it is understandable that many mistake the positions as being one in the same. Still, the majority of the restaurant industry will tell you that there is a clear division between line and prep cooks.

food prep resume

Food, prep, resume, resume, samples

Quickly learned any new recipes and food preparation techniques, often training other prep cooks and ensuring utmost quality of work. Casa azul reviews Coralville, ia, dishwasher Jan 20, ensured 100 clean supplies including cookware, dishes, and utensils in 50-seat restaurant providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. Unloaded food supplies from distributor trucks, and efficiently organized inventory 10 faster than other staff members. Discovered critical malfunction with dishwashing equipment, allowing restaurant to get it fixed and saving 10K in additional water bill. Performed routine cleaning procedures across kitchen, assisting restaurant in passing every single health and Sanitary inspection. Assisted in food preparation whenever kitchen was short-staffed, commended by head chef for organizational and cleanliness standards, as well as fast-learning cutting techniques. Education, west senior high school, coralville, ia, diploma.

Prep cook 400 Sixth Street, coralville, ia 52241 (319) 564-0742, prep cook with experience working in Italian and Mexican restaurants and up to 100-seating establishments. Recognized for exceptional ability to prep all kinds of ingredients with precision and efficiency according to recipe specifications. Commended numerous times by head chef and other staff members for organizational and prioritization skills. Professional experience, vesta   Coralville, ia, prep cook  Feb 2013 Present. Prepped food within 100-seat Italian restaurant, with ability to accurately cut ingredients according to specifications 20 faster than other staff, as well as prepare stocks and long cook items. Trained 15 new prep cooks with no prior experience for outdoor catering service with 500 guests. Ensured supplies were consistently available, replenishing items as required in aid of cooks, consistently receiving commendation from head Chef for outstanding organizational skills. Managed and checked food quality, prioritizing ingredients and reducing food waste.

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food prep resume

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Prepare hot foods (corned beef, chicken wings, sides, etc. inventory restaurant, literary take care of temperature logs, grill burgers make sandwiches in essay front of all guests. Prep and prepare different variety of food items, carve different meats, grill any item, help prepare salads, cook at the Asian station all in front of guests, temperature logs and inventory the restaurant. Def, incorporated.20, line cook, in charge of open side station.: food preparation before opening, and cook food for guests at time of serving. Work sautee station, trainer for new recruits, maintain a clean and hygienic environment in station. Click to download the line cook resume sample Three in pdf).

Table of Contents: Prep line cook resume samples. Prep cook line cook resumes (Text Format). Resume Advice for cooks, additional Resources for cooks, prep line cook resume samples. Click the images to expand the resumes to a larger size. Line cook, prep cook, want to write a professional resume fast? Use our state-of-the-art resume builder to quickly write a line/prep cook resume in minutes. Make a resume in minutes prep cook line cook resumes (Text Format).

Is PrEP safe during pregnancy? Follow us on Instagram: @PrepteamPHL. 555 main Street, anytown, us (HM) (123) 456-7890; (cell) (555) 555-5555. Objective, to find full-time employment as a line cook or server in a fast paced and fun environment. Work experience, abc company.20, line cook, prepared a variety of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, and other food items. Assumed 100 responsibility for the quality of products served.

Complied consistently with standard portion sizes and cooking methods, quality standards and kitchen rules, policies and procedures. Stocked and maintained sufficient levels of food products at line stations to assure a smooth service period. Maintained a clean and sanitary work station area including tables, shelves, grills, broilers, fryers, pasta cookers, sautéing burners, convection oven, flat top range and refrigeration equipment. Prepared items for broiling, grilling, frying, sautéing, or other cooking methods by portioning, battering, breading, seasoning and or marinating. Followed proper plate presentation and garnish set for all dishes. Handled, stored, and rotated all products properly; tracked and reported any food wastage. Completed required tasks within assigned time frames. Assisted in food prep assignments during off-peak periods as needed. Line cook, pan up dough, make variety of pizzas and other products, cut all products, inventory the restaurant, take care of all temperature logs, and on occasion take care of guests on a more face to face level.

Prep, cook and Line cook

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food prep resume

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Food prep resume
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  4. Learn about all the ingredients needed to create a delectable prep cook or line cook resume that will impress restaurant owners and get you in the kitchen. Prep cook resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Our server, waitress, and waiter resume samples are professionally written and will help you land more interviews.

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