Essay on air pollution in sanskrit language

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essay on air pollution in sanskrit language

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essay on air pollution in sanskrit language

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We can help by saving energy and supporting stricter clean air essay way policies. We can help reduce air pollution by avoiding plastic products and those that contain cfc. Earth is our home and nobody wants to suffer the consequences of neglecting to care for our home. That is why today let us act to make it a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live. Retrieved may 10, 2008, from. Air Pollution causes and Effects. Students can choose from over Service review writers Visit professional by air pollution essay in punjabi language. Ib literature essay about the poem hunting snake a also buy papers essay how to write analytical response essay.

Even in the ancient times people complained of polluted air. It has been one of the many challenges faced in our history. There are far too many different harmful effects gained from air contamination. Consequences of which accounts peoples health and it severely affects the natural resources of our environment. Air pollution is a global problem as it is dispersed in our atmosphere, thus many areas suffers because of this. Places with large numbers of vehicles and industrialized factories are affected the most with the problem of air pollution causing constraints in the environment such as increased global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer. We can help reduce this global air pollution and other climate change by taking frequent walks instead of driving a car when it is necessary. We can recycle and plant more trees.

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essay on air pollution in sanskrit language

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It is also produced in industrialized process through the production of paper and smelting of metals. It is one of the leading causes of lung disease. These gases and particles that makes up air pollution are harmful not only to our health but to our environment as well. Researchers confirm that an average person inhales about 20, 000 liters of air. Every time we breathe, we inhale dangerous chemicals that put us to great risk. Air pollutions include all contaminants found in the air that can be harmful. These harmful materials in the air can be in the form of gas or particles.

There are indoors and outdoor pollution. Trapped contaminants that have accumulated in the building for a long period of time cause indoor pollution. The sources of air pollution can be natural or man made. Most of the polluted air nowadays resulted from pollution that we humans jollibee make. As a result the amount of air pollution has increased over time.

However, when this gas reaches the ground level it can pollute the earth surface and cause highly toxic effects. Ground level ozone emission are mainly caused by vehicles and other industrialized factors. This contributes to global warming which reduces our resentence to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Nitrogen oxide is another natural gas in the atmosphere. It is an important factor in forming acid precipitation (acid rain) and ozone layer.

Burning fuels such as coal, diesel and petroleum produces Nitrogen oxide. Too much of which can be harmful not only in the environment but also to children as this can make them vulnerable to respiratory diseases. Another air pollutant is from suspended particulate matter. This consists of solids found in the air in the form of smokes, dust and even vapor. These particles can be in the air for a long period of time causing smog. These fine particles when inhaled can stay inside the lungs and cause damage and respiratory problems. Another component of air pollution is Sulfur dioxide (SO2). SO2 is a gas produced mainly from power plants using thermal and coal as their energy source.

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Once inhaled in the body, too much of this causes lethargy and delayed reflexes. Co in the body can lead to toxicity, which although is rare can lead to death. Our refrigerator and air-conditioning contributes to air resume pollution. It is responsible for producing a gas called Chlorofluorocarbons or cfc as known to many. Cfc rises to the atmosphere when released in the air, thus when in contact with other gases causes a reduction of our ozone layer. With this at place the earth losses its protection from ultraviolet rays causing harm. An accumulated uv ray of the sun contributes to global warming and other climate changes. Our atmosphere naturally contains an ozone layer. This is an important gas as it helps protect the earth from harmful uv rays.

essay on air pollution in sanskrit language

Research showed that about 65 of industrialized countries contribute students to co2 emission with 50 of which is accounted to countries like united States and soviet Union. According to studies with 80 of the population in less developed country, 35 of CO2 is given off by these countries, but about 50 increase of these may contribute in the years to come. Carbon dioxide produces a greenhouse effect that helps avoid extreme cold at night. With an increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, this effect is reinforced and as a result causes global warming. Thus, currently 57 of CO2 emission contributes to global warming. When carbon based fuels like woods and petroleum gases are burned it produces a gas known as Carbon monoxide. This gas is colorless and odorless. It can be a product of burning of natural and synthetic materials as seen in cigarettes. It is responsible for lowering the amount of oxygen that goes to our blood.

up to climate changes we experience. . The world is more and more polluted nowadays and increasing air pollutions contributes more to deterioration of our environment where we are the ones suffering the consequences of our action (Socha, 2007). Methodology, this research paper will analyze the effects of major air pollutants to our environment and how harmful. It will focus on the components of air pollution and its effect towards our environment especially toward the destruction of our atmosphere. It will also study ways in minimizing and preventing air pollution, how are we to contribute for the betterment of our world. Data Analysis and Discussion, one of the major gas emitted in the air is Carbon dioxide. CO2 is the main gas emitted from fuel combustion, use of coal and other natural gasses which contributes to the greenhouse effect. The concentration of CO2 in the air has increased over the years.

Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples. Pollution Rubric, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are the primary air pollutants found in most resume urban areas. These pollutants are dispersed throughout the atmospheres in concentrations high enough to gradually cause serious health and environmental problems. Sources of air pollution are mainly from transportation and fuel burning from industrialized factories such as commercial and residential power plants (Socha, 2007). Not all air pollution is within our control. Dessert storms and forest smokes due to grass fire adds up to the chemical and particle pollutions in the atmosphere. The source of the pollution maybe in one country but the effect can be dispersed somewhere else.

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Air Pollution, nowadays, problems on the essay environment arise mainly on air pollution. Air Pollution essay introduction. Contamination of the air by harmful materials causes air pollution. Over the years worsening of air pollution is caused by rapid industrialization and modernization. Industries and vehicles emit a great deal of pollutants in the air causing health problems and other environmental problems such as global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer. We will write a custom essay sample. Air Pollution essay or any similar topic specifically for you.

Essay on air pollution in sanskrit language
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Essay on air pollution in sanskrit. Essays on language how to write an introduction essay.

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  1. Labels: essay on air pollution in India. Air pollution essays What causes air pollution? Air pollution is changing the earth's environment, if we continue polluting we can have serious consequences that can change the earth and health of humans.

  2. As a result, the air pollution in the big cities of the world has rapidly increased. Causes of Air Pollution in India. Air gets polluted by two major sources, natural and humanmade. So lets get together to eliminate this menace called air pollution from our lives.

  3. For instance, the pollution essay may concentrate on the various types of pollution, like sound pollution (noise pollution water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution etc. Essay on Some air Pollution Accidents. All these activities have become a major source of air pollution, which are adding a huge number of pollutants into the air.

  4. Good conclusion for gun control essay. Here is your free essay on Pollution! Pollution is a bane for society or life. All sorts of pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, noise pollution, food pollution have been affecting greatly the dwellers.

  5. Essay punjabi in language air pollution. Dissertation research proposal format. Where can i buy harry potter book 1 online.

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