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dog trainer resume

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Worked closely with several dog owners who want to turn their dogs into show dogs. Education 1998 Greenwich High School, new Parkland, ca high School Diploma. Resume » Training Job Resume, training Jobs Resume tips, training Job organizations are increasingly sensitive to cost control and productivity. A training job resume must reflect an understanding of these changes. It must show evidence of skills, experience, commitment to quality and ability to evaluate yourself. The training job professional should list all credentials, but not necessarily boast about the achievements. Typical headings in a training job resume include education/degrees, internships, professional experience, awards and honors, publications (books, articles, reports, journals speaking engagements, conferences and professional affiliations.

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Work Experience, august 2012 to nurture february 2015 Pete's Pet School new Parkland, ca dog Trainer. Ran the advanced classes for owners looking to develop show dogs. Often went to the homes of low income dog owners to help with dog behavioral issues. Worked with local veterinarians to develop a network number of constant referrals. January 2005 to august 2012 your Obedience School new Parkland, ca dog Trainer. Developed a class for more difficult dog training cases that saw great success. Featured in several local television broadcasts for work done with difficult dogs. Acted as the chairman of the local dog rescue society. June 1998 to january 2005 Tom's Pet School new Parkland, ca dog Trainer. Sustained a successful track record of graduating dogs from obedience classes.

Summary, caring Dog Trainer who wants to help owners to have the business kind of responsive dog they have always wanted. Adept at identifying issues with dogs, dog grooming and working with owners on breaking bad dog habits. Specializes in smaller breeds and show dogs. Highlights, responsive to the needs of the dog and the owner. Works with local veterinarians to help find homes for stray dogs. Has worked with several owners of prominent show dogs. Can work in a large class or one-on-one. Strong understanding of dog health issues. Track record of fixing bad dog behavior.

dog trainer resume

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Unsuccessful housetraining is a leading cause why dogs end up in shelters. House training is not an individual process, all dogs benefit from the same housetraining strategies. However, dogs may independently learn, depending on breed, size, early exposure to report acceptable substrates and beginning at the breeding location. I am discussing training a new puppy, not training an adult dog with incomplete housetraining. However, the same strategies apply. If you have potty trained a child, you know, you need to be there during the early stages. Sometimes we are there to encourage, teach the location, patience and perhaps even model the behavior. During this process, the child had to learn to hold it or wait, at some point during the potty training. David Bishop 100 Broadway lane, new Parkland, ca, 91010, cell: (555) 987-1234.

Candidate Info 9 Dog Walker Record your time spent walking dogs each day. Candidate Info 10 Full Time dog Walker Ensure safety and well being of all animals in my care during walks and visits Work independently in creating an efficient daily route and schedule maintain peace and harmony in a pack of up to six dogs Collect. Responsible for creating schedule to effectively cater to multiple pet needs during weekends. Candidate Info view more resume samples free professional Resume Critique we have partnered with TopResume to bring you a free resume critique service. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume and how to improve. Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation soon. Email: Resume: Browse Upload Resume file.

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dog trainer resume

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Each day created an individualized schedule based on needs and requests of and clients. Collected payment and kept track of customer accounts. Candidate Info 6, dog Walker, responsible for daily care of an English bulldog. Provided vigorous, one hour walk for both dogs simultaneously. Created structured, consistent environment with proper consequences to ensure obedience.

Properly handled dog waste candidate Info 7 Dog Walker Conducted initial consultation with new clients and fill out client information sheets Picked up and dropped off dogs to and from their homes Understood special request and conditions for each dog Walked dogs outdoors in all. Record anything wrong with the dog, such as coughing, bloody stools, cuts, etc. Spend at least 20 minutes per dog walking, playing or just sitting quietly. Use bags to dispose of waste on the trail. Do not allow two dogs to approach each other while you are walking them. Make sure the water bowls at the beginning and end of the trails are clean and filled with water.

Used bags to dispose of dog waste. Recorded and report any changes in dog behavior as well as any physical problems with the dog to supervisor and/or owner. Maintained a daily log of time spent with each dog. Responsible for providing dogs with cold water during walks, especially during hot weather. Candidate Info 3, overnight Supervisor/dog Walker/ Handler, was responsible for the care and safety of 10-65 dogs at one time everynight. Performed maintenance duties and organized and cleaned the entire facility.

Filled out paperwork and nightly sick sheets along with keeping contact with veterinarian and manager. Made relief walks for 1-4 dogs at once and picked up and dropped of dogs to there homes in a timely manner. Candidate Info 4, jeremy hinson- self Employed Dog Walker. Provide experience and companionship to pets while owners are at work or vacationing. Track and record customer information, invoice customers for payment, knowledgeable about each customer's pet in regard to medical conditions and diet. Developed and maintained a long lasting and loyal customer base by providing top level customer service and care. Candidate Info 5, dog Walker / Pet Sitter, maintained a full daily schedule of dog walking. Kept detailed information on over 100 clients.

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1, professional Pet Sitter/dog Walker, provided in home daytime, evening and overnight pet, farm and exotic animal care including: dog walks; fed meals; gave treats; refilled water bowls; cleaned litter boxes and other messes; play and cuddle time; recorded date, time and description of services. Administered oral and topical medications as well as gave insulin injections. Provided house sitting duties which included: collected mail, newspaper and packages; watered plants; put garbage/recycling bins out on designated days. Conducted new client meetings which consisted of: meeting clients and pets; gathering pet information; answering questions and offering advice; picking up keys. Performed Administrative backup duties on the thesis leashTime system which included: assuring that all pet sitting visits are completed timely by all sitters; processed service or cancellation requests; emailed clients; availability in the case that sitters have emergencies. Administrator for the facebook business page. Wrote sixteen blogs in 2013 for the company name webpage, one of which was featured in the december 2013 Edition of Inside Cheshire magazine. Candidate Info 2, dog Walker, entrusted to enter homes of dog owners to pick up and drop off dogs for daily walks. Ability to handle up to 6 dogs at a time and maintaining order while working with partner.

dog trainer resume

Prepared long and short term training schedules using a database for tracking and scheduling development of applicants to make sure that the learning goals are being met where examination for completion and compliance of every necessity for allocated staff. Below are resume objectives for various jobs available in the training field. Dog Trainers teach dogs how to be obedient and well-behaved. Common work activities seen on a dog Trainer resume are teaching commands, giving treats to enforce positive behavior, correcting maya bad habits, offering mental stimulation, and overseeing physical exercise sessions. Based on our collection of resume samples, the ideal candidate should demonstrate dog training and handling skills, the ability to work with animals and understand their body language, empathy, and patience. The most successful example resumes make display of a high school diploma and dog training certification. Looking for cover letter ideas? Dog Walker cover Letter.

obtain a position as an employee trainer you would increase your skills in offering specialized training recommendation with an importance. Responsible for maintaining and implementing compliance by every employees and government strategies, regulations and events by the task of ensuring every forms, reports and contracts were finished correctly and on time. Acted as liaison and applying experience to handle and solve a diversity of hr operations, to consist of payroll, benefits, awards time attendance, conflict resolution, counseling evaluations, retention efforts, disciplinary actions, and administration of records. Conducted worker estimations for weakness and strength plus performed cross training exercises for efficiency and competency. Directed every office functions, numerous projects and managed the support of organizational employees along with managing a supply specialist to keep every logistical inventories and resources of the association. Handled numerous projects while working closely by different agencies to carry out training curriculums to offer necessary support materials; ensuring for suitable equipment, personnel, and supplies plus creation transportation preparations for deployments.

Offered file maintenance, case management, and retrolisthesis urbanized a database for registered candidates. Recommended on laws relating to responsibilities and rights, educational opportunities, training, benefits, and other communities and legislative resources. Offered services and assist to senior administration, management, employees as well as moreover allocated staff. Manage organizational administration and manpower to make sure accomplishment of contracts and commitments to branch agencies. Planning, identifying and executing requirements to performance, educational programs, training, as locating and recommending obtainable resources for achieving association's goals and enhance worker progress. Incorporated recently invigorated safety and training curriculums to meet government principles and observed the progression intended to maximize staff knowledge, performance and response. Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to teach trainers in different ways on different subjects.

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A bank President is like the leader or sole responsible for the growth and success of a kites bank. He is the leader that leads other team members including employees, directors, partners and management of the bank. Key responsibilities of a bank President include; providing specific goals and objectives, creating vision. Resume samples resume Objective » Training Resume Objective, job Description: The training resume offer writing skills, proper guidelines to build a resume accurately which is support to client's to demonstrate abilities in the competitive business market. The position of training consists of following tasks. Expand trainers guide, and speedy reference guides for the students. Make a list of queries and answers as well as develop manual for end users. Supported other restricted employment companies, businesses and agencies by recruitment and referrals of capable individuals.

Dog trainer resume
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  2. Sample personal Trainer Resume. To view my resume and how behavior and training. Joyce kesling, certified Dog, cat Behavior Specialist, Professional Dog Trainer Sarasota Bradenton. Dog trainer certification and the only one that actually carries some weight, while most other ones will not look as impressive on your resume.

  3. Emma, the 6 month old Mini aussie, is not only trained to ring bells to go outside for a potty break, she also goes to a small. Sample dog Trainer Resume. Sample fitness Trainer Resume. Sample horse Trainer Resume.

  4. Warehouse, trainer, job Description for, resume. Dog, trainer, resume, guide, dog, trainer, resume help. Dog, trainer, resume, tips Sample, trainer, resume, trainer, resume, example, trainer, resume, format. Nathan woods, dog, trainer.

  5. Posted in health Care resumes, Professional Resumes, sample. Common work activities seen. Dog, trainer resume are teaching commands, giving treats to enforce positive behavior, correcting bad habits, offering. To work as a dog trainer, you will have to have a high school diploma or a ged along with exceptional.

  6. Is your resume as powerful as it should be? Dog, trainer resume template to highlight your key skills, accomplishments, and work experiences. Dog, trainer, resume, template. « Horse, trainer, resume, template, dog, trainer, resume, template ».

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