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essay of deepavali

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There are wide income and wealth differences, but the country is more differentiated by ethnicity than by class. All the ethnic groups have experienced upward occupational mobility. There is an intense focus on education. Good marks are a sure path to good positions with good wages. In this respect, singapore is a meritocracy. Shutters open out onto clotheslines in downtown colonial-style housing in Singapore. Symbols of Social Stratification. Singaporeans jokingly refer to their desire for the "five c's car, condominium, credit card, club membership, and career.

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Manufacturing is the most important economic sector, followed by financial and business services, commerce, transportation, and communications. Production is mainly for export. The main exports are electronics, refined petroleum products, natural rubber, and palm oil. The main trading partners are malaysia, the european Union (eu the United States, hong Kong, and Japan. About two-thirds of the resident population is employed. Only.2 percent of the members of the workforce are employed in the primary sector, and about 37 percent of employed persons work in commerce and finance and the business sector. Twenty-three percent work in manufacturing, 21 percent in other services, and 18 percent in transportation and communications and construction. The unemployment rate has long been below 3 percent but increased during the recent economic downturn. Chinese are over-represented in professional, technical, administrative, and managerial jobs, whereas Malays are the most underrepresented in highly skilled jobs, with Indians in the middle. The substantial numbers of foreign workers online are overrepresented in production and related work. Social Stratification, classes and Castes.

There has been a consistent surplus in the overall balance of payments. There buy is a large degree of state control of the economy. Land Tenure and Property. There is a large degree of private ownership of houses and apartments. Land tenure is firmly regulated by the government and there are government plans for the use of every inch of the island's territory. Foreigners usually are allowed only to lease land, but they may buy apartments. Commercial Activities, major Industries, and Trade.

essay of deepavali

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Most meals are eaten hot. Malays do not eat pork, indians do not eat beef, and many buddhist Chinese are part-time vegetarians. Many people do not drink alcohol. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. Special dishes are eaten during the major ceremonial occasions of all three ethnic groups, but none are connected to national celebrations. Singapore has a fully developed industrial international economy. The country depends heavily on imports, as there are few natural xmas resources on the island.

Food and Economy, food in daily life. Rice, fish, chicken, and vegetables are the staples. When these ingredients are mixed with a rich variety of spices, chilis, coconuts, lime, and tamarind, the variations are endless. Food is often eaten outside the home in food centers where food is cheap, tasty, and freshly made. There are many cafés, coffeehouses and teahouses, and formal restaurants. Forks and spoons are used, but Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks, and Indian and Malay food may be eaten with the hand. The three main meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Essay on, deepavali, diwali

essay of deepavali

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Cultural links to India, china, malaysia, and essay Indonesia give singaporeans orientations and loyalties that stretch far beyond the national borders. These differences are superseded by an identification with Singapore as a homeland with wealth and stability. Distance and distinction mark ethnic relations within the country. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space. Singapore is a green city, book but it has a very groomed greenness. There are two small national parks.

Only at the fringes of the island and on the islets is there rural life, and it is disappearing fast. Highways crisscrossing the island, the huge port on the southern tip, vast industrial areas to the west, and the airport to the east create an air of swift efficiency. The most striking features of the landscape are the high-rise buildings. This is a distinctly modern architecture with roots in the functionalism of the 1960s. In the 1980s and 1990s, there was more diversity in building styles. The typical domicile is a small apartment off the ground. Ethnicity is not an issue in the public use of space; communal differences are clearly discernible in the layout of the interiors of homes and certain town areas.

History and Ethnic Relations, emergence of the nation. Singapore emerged as a nation after 1965. For nearly one hundred fifty years it had been a british colony that was intimately linked to the whole malay peninsula. Singapore came into being as a british trade port in 1819 and continued as one of the three british "Strait Settlements." In that period, malays from nearby areas, large numbers of immigrants from China, and later Indian convict laborers moved into the island. The British did little to integrate the population, largely leaving each community to itself.

Singapore gained independence in 1959 and joined the Union of Malaya in 1963 but was expelled in 1965. The next five years were marked by the "policy of survival." From 1945 until the early 1970s, the island had severe housing shortages and a poor infrastructure, high criminality and unemployment, racial riots, and communist uprisings. The "survival policy" was based on the attraction of foreign investment through low taxes, the development of an efficient infrastructure, a disciplined workforce, and strict political control. In thirty years Singapore changed from a rough trading port to a rich, orderly, industrialized society. The remembrance of social and economic difficulties influenced the development of a national culture with a focus on wealth and stability and the idea of multiculturalism. There is no single dominant national identity. Instead, there are complex identities that draw on a variety of sources and are relevant in different situations, although ethnic identity takes precedence in most situations.

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Kiasu means "afraid to lose" and refers to the wish to come in management first in lines, competitions, negotiations, and so forth. Some say kiasu keeps standards high, but others claim it leads to a graceless society. The flag is divided into equal red and white horizontal sections symbolizing unity and purity. A white crescent moon and five stars in a circle symbolize a growing nation and the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality. The national anthem and national motto are in Malay. Other symbols draw on the distinct ethnic traditions. Chinese, malays, and Indians draw on symbolic retrolisthesis materials and ritual practices from their own traditions and for their own purposes.

essay of deepavali

The Chinese constitute about girl 78 percent, the malays 14 percent, the Indians 7 percent, and others 1 percent of the population. The ethnic composition of the population has been relatively stable. Singapore is a multilingual state. The national language is Malay, and the four official languages are malay, english, Indian (Tamil and Chinese (Mandarin). English is the administrative language and the medium of instruction in schools. Pupils also choose one of the "mother tongues malay, tamil, and Chinese. There are various subdialects of the different languages. Economic prosperity and political stability are associated with the national culture, as is the singaporean concept kiasu.

level. The climate is tropical with high humidity and abundant rainfall, especially during the northeast monsoon in December to march. The period of the southwest monsoon (June to september) is usually the driest. The main island is fully urbanized with a dense commercial city center to the south. Around the city center are new townships that house about 86 percent of the population. The townships are self-contained and have high-rise apartment blocks, shops, medical and social service buildings, religious buildings, and schools; they are well connected by the mass Rapid Transport System (mrt which circles the island. Singapore has a population of about three million,.7 million of whom are citizens and permanent residents. The other three hundred thousand are mainly foreign workers.

Singa-pura city of the writing lion a commonly used term since the fourteenth century. The main cultural traditions are malay, indian, Chinese, and to some extent Western (British). The different communities do not regard themselves as sharing a culture; instead, they consider themselves parts of a whole. This is illustrated by reference to a popular local dish, rojak, a salad in which the various ingredients are covered by the same peanut sauce, forming a distinct whole with each ingredient clearly discernible. The peanut sauce is Singaporeanness; the other ingredients are the different cultural traditions. Singapore lies at the tip of the malay peninsula. It borders Malaysia, indonesia, and Brunei.

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At dPS were all about helping you become a better photographer. You can find daily articles teaching you everything you need to know about photograph. If youve arrived at this page after looking for some content on our forums, please note we have currently closed our Forums so that we can focus on bringing you better content on the blog and develop our library of ebooks, courses and presets. You can still find all the resources you need to improve your photography at your fingertips: beginner tips, composition, portraits, gear, post production, how to photograph and more. If youd like xmas photography tips delivered directly to your inbox you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter or find us on, facebook and, instagram for quick tips, image inspiration and photography challenges. Thanks for visiting Digital Photography School! The place name "Singapore" is derived from.

Essay of deepavali
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  1. Madhav, ram (2007) Ram in Hindu belief—immortality is historicity, the Organiser —. Deepavali, special, 11 november. Rithambara, sadhvi (2007) An assault on the soul of, india, the Organiser —, deepavali, special, 11 november. Diwali (or, deepavali ) means rows of lighted lamps and, during this time public places are decorated with diyas, elaborate feasts are prepared and spectacular fireworks displays light up the skies.

  2. An explanation of an important Hindu holiday. History gov t Home. Society and Culture calendar holidays major Holidays.

  3. The most important ethnic holidays are the Chinese new year and the malay muslim Rahmadan, both celebrated in JanuaryFebruary, and the Indian. Deepavali or Festival of the light, celebrated around SeptemberOctober. 5 Creative exercises to help make you a better Photographer 8 ways to Use your Smartphone for Photography weekly Photography Challenge - stars Star gazing - 18 Twinkly Images of the celestial sky.alone how to help adhd child with homework apa citation for internet sources.

  4. One of the seasons most coveted fits, this jacket can be mixed and matched with your. Played Man in Front of, maude at Funeral in harold and maude in 1971. Performed in deepavali in 2008.

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