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interesting biographies for teens

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I am Malala, i am Malala is the autobiography of Malala yousafzai, perhaps best known for her status as the youngest Nobel laureate after she was awarded the nobel peace prize. In 2012, the taliban took control of the Swat Valley in pakistan, leading yousafzai to stand up for her right to education, a campaign for which she was eventually and famously shot in the head. Written after her spectacular recovery, i am Malala examines some of the local culture and political history that shapes life in the Swat Valley. More specifically, it offers a look yousafzais own life, day to day, before the events that led her to the public eye. Being a young adult herself at the time of writing, its an excellent autobiography for young adults. For those looking for something suitable for younger readers, the book is also available in a young readers edition, under the title, i am Malala: How One girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the world. "Surely you're joking,.

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Still, none of that detracts from the fact that its oddly compelling, and replete with echoes of long-forgotten childhood feelings. Robert Moses, as the title indicates, robert Moses is often considered to have been the master builder of New York in the mid-20th century. His work had profound effects on the citys planning and infrastructure, though whether those effects were for better or worse remains a subject of some contention. Beyond contention are moses drive and ambition, as well as his ability to use politics to achieve his goals. We were a little hesitant to include a graphic novel in this summary list, but the combination of stark artwork and touching glimpses of Robert Moses humanity is so endearing that we couldnt help. That said, moses was not without his critics, and this is a book that paints him in a far more flattering light than it might otherwise have, but the artwork and production both demand a recommendation beyond any of its shortcomings. For those who want to see a more comprehensive, and indeed critical look at Moses work, the power Broker stands in stark contrast to the above. Robert Moses: The master builder of New York city is almost reverential, this Pulitzer-prizewinning write-up criticises Moses use of unelected positions writing to reshape the infrastructure of New York city. While this monumental book might seem less immediately engaging for young adult readers, there is such a stark contrast between the two that it is difficult not to recommend them in the same breath. The power Broker has also been critiqued for its portrayal of Moses, the combination of the two books offers young adult readers an excellent opportunity to read the two critically and determine their own viewpoint.

Where, wizard: The life and Times of nikola tesla really succeeds is in its depiction of Tesla, not as some superhuman engine for the generation of incredible ideas, but as a man. It also gives a window into teslas strangeness, his eccentricities and his intense rivalries with other scientists. Running With Scissors, running with Scissors is the strange memoir of Augusten Burroughs, documenting his early life and childhood relationships. This is a bit of a polarising book, and much of your enjoyment will hinge on review whether or not you can take any pleasure from the style in which it was written. And the old electroshock therapy machine was just under the stairs in a box next to the hoover. For those of you who are sticklers for reality in your biographical works, then Augusten Burroughs is likely to stick in your craw. The simple fact is that an awful lot of the book reads as spectacular or bombastic, and that the author has been challenged on the truth of its content is perhaps unsurprising.

interesting biographies for teens

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Plus, some of our favorite high school reading lists. With young adult fiction undergoing something of a renaissance in the last few years, theres more and more available for fiction-inclined young adult readers. For those who have more of an interest in history, it might seem at first glance as though theres less out there, but the reality is that biographies offer an excellent window into the lives and times of people global from distant times and places, living. Too often, biographies can be seen as boring, but they often offer an intimate look at civilisations and cultures write that are far from our own experience. Wizard: The life and Times of nikola tesla. There is an immediate and fundamental appeal to biographies of audacious scientists. Tesla is a particularly fascinating case, not least because of his travels from Europe to America and his drive for spectacle. What is most interesting for young adult readers is perhaps Teslas approach to ownership, his apparent lack of greed, and his relaxed attitude to his own patents. He is also almost the perfect mad scientist, and many of his experiments and inventions are tinged with an undercurrent of danger.

The boys Who Challenged Hitler chronicles the life of Knud Pedersen and his classmates whose efforts to sabotage hitler lead to the danish resistance. Lost on a train at age five, homeless, and then placed in an orphanage, brierley shares the story of how he spent years wondering about his life, searching for his home, and finally finding. Diagnosed with tourettes Syndrome, tim Howard shares the encouraging story of his childhood, long soccer career, and sudden success. Saedi recounts her childhood as an undocumented Iranian living in America. The lives of two teens from very different neighborhoods are forever changed and bound together by a horrific crime. What are your favorite biographies for teens? Come and share in our. Weareteachers Helpline group on Facebook.

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interesting biographies for teens

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Download this List Here). We love handing over an excellent biography or memoir to the young adult readers we know. Theres no better way to help them connect with history and take a walk in someone elses shoes. Here are some of our favorite recent memoirs and biographies for teens. Just a heads up, weareteachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves! Heiligman chronicles the amazing and eccentric lives of the van Gogh brothers, their relationship with each other, and their work.

Known for her groundbreaking work exposing the mistreatment of patients in an asylum, nellie bly did not let the traditional expectations of female reporters stop her from becoming a pioneering journalist. Written in verse, engle shares the tension of living between two worlds, cuba and Los Angeles. Lowery shares her experience as the youngest marcher fighting for civil rights alongside. Gymnast Simone biles shares her personal journey from foster care to Olympic gold medalist. After witnessing the murders of her mother and younger sister, sandra Uwiringiyimana escaped a refugee camp in the congo and immigrated to America. She survived and healed through art and activism. Abdul-Jabbar shares how he overcame setbacks and difficulties to become a leader on and off the court.

Nelson Mandela, long Walk to Freedom: The autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was the south African leader who fought to end apartheid, the systematic oppression of black Africans. From his work in his youth, to his 27 years in prison, to his eventual election as president of the country—mandelas story would be unbelievable, if it werent also true. Gandhi, gandhi: a life Inspired, gandhi was not only the famed leader of the Indian resistance against British rule, he was also the inventor of what we now call nonviolent resistance. His insight and passion have served as an example of what it means to be a leader for generations, and that legacy will continue.

Florence nightingale: a life Inspired, well-known in her time, florence nightingale was the leader of a movement that created what we now know of in the modern world as the profession of nursing. Nightingale was both a leader in medical reform, and an outspoken advocate for learning from your mistakes—no matter how embarrassing they are. I hope that you will consider giving one of these books to a young leader you know, or perhaps even reading one yourself. As you might imagine, when I sat down to create this list, there were a lot of books I had to cut out. If you are interested in receiving what I consider to be the rest of the list, click below to see four more biographies. Want More biographies to recommend? Heres, four More biographies Every young Person Should read.

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Martin Luther King,. The autobiography of Martin Luther King. You probably already know about the life and deeds of Martin Luther King,. This book, his own autobiography, puts the struggle of the civil Rights movement into the words of its greatest advocate and leader: mlk himself. Harriet Tubman, harriet Tubman: The road to Freedom. Harriet Tubman was essay known as a leader of the Underground railroad, but theres so much more to her story. The account of her life, which shows the powerful things that can happen when you commit to an ideal greater than yourself, highlights the necessity of hard work, standing up to injustice, and unfailing idealism.

interesting biographies for teens

Abraham Lincoln is, of course, recognized for his leadership of our country and his work to end the evil of slavery. This book explores both Lincolns story and his greatest leadership characteristics, especially how they can apply to you today. Aung San suu kyi, the lady and the peacock: The life of Aung San suu kyi. Aung San suu kyi is the daughter of a burmese books political leader who led a revolt over an oppressive regime in the 80s and 90s and won the nobel Prize for her work. Her inspiring story is deeply rooted in the practice of non-violence, which so many great leaders have utilized in recent history. The mirabal Sisters, in the time of the butterflies. Written as a novel, this book tells the story of Las Mariposas, four sisters who stood up to the unjust rule of a dictator in the dominican Republic. Their story, and their mission, lives beyond them because of this work.

nobel peace Prize recipient (at only 17! malala proves the importance of standing up for what you believe in, especially for those who have no voice. Winston Churchill, never give in: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill. You probably already recognize churchill for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the second world war. This book, however, provides an interesting look into the personal side of this great leader. Abraham Lincoln, lincoln on leadership: Executive strategies for tough Times.

If you know a young leader looking to grow—or you personally what to be inspired—here is a list of 12 great biographies to consider for growth and inspiration. Just imagine what could happen. Utilize these friendship stories to help the students around you to expand their view of the world, teach them something about history, and embolden their own drive to become a great leader. John wooden, wooden: a lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the court. John wooden is the multi-award winning legendary coach of the ucla bruins mens basketball team. As the title implies, he has an abundance of wisdom to offer young leaders from the stories in his life—both on and off the court. The Wright Brothers, the Wright Brothers, we all know that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, but do you know the story behind this huge accomplishment?

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At Growing leaders, we believe in the potential and power of the emerging generation. Todays emerging generation—the young people we call. Generation iy —will carve a new path in history. Each new generation, however, is responsible not only to do something new, but to remember what has come before. Stories of great leaders from resume history personify an opportunity to learn what it takes to grow, to press on, to lead. This is what biographies offer. They allow us to learn from past leaders. In fact, you may just find your most helpful mentor is a dead person!

Interesting biographies for teens
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I am looking for an interesting read this summer. I m into auto biographies at the moment and have just finished a book about the biggest dog. The life story of Ishmael beah is amazing and makes me grateful for my life.

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  1. Common Sense media editors help you choose biographies. Str ong Native american teen guide shines in lively history. Exciting bio of 20s female pilot who found fame with stunt. These contemporary biographies, autobiographies and memoirs will a ppeal to teens who enjoy nonfiction and reading about life and people.

  2. They allow us to learn from pas t leaders. In fact, you may just find your most helpful mentor is a dead person! Librarians love: biographies for teens. My ya biography section could use some new blood but it s not a genre.

  3. Often, interesting even ts just seem to unfold around him, and while there is an unavoidable sense. 12 Inspiring Memoirs and biographies for teens. Heiligman chroni cles the amazing and eccentric lives of the van Gogh brothers, their. This is what biographies offer.

  4. Find the top 100. Galaxy girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space. These 6 biographies have been chosen for young adults.

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